Maeda Flats

IMG_3692Our second weekend here, we decided to explore Maeda Flats.  It is a great place for reef walking. The beach is a kind of out-of-the-way, and you have to walk through a bit of the jungle to get there, but the beach is a favorite to explore because of the protected cove.  The sand is soft and the water is crystal clear. The low tide reveals a reef which is home to lots marine life that Nathan and Kennedy could get a glimpse of without mask and fins. It was amazing.  The kids got to scope out lots of bright colored tropical fish, sea cucumbers, spiny sea urchins, and lots of different corals.  It was a very neat experience for them.  Kennedy even got brave and snorkeled for the first time too.  It was excellent snorkeling once you got out a ways  there was such a wide variety of creatures to explore. When the kids weren’t scoping out fish and creatures in the water, they were combing the beach for sea glass and shells.
IMG_3695Later that night we went to dinner at some friends house who lives off base right along the Pacific Ocean side.  We had a great walk along the sea wall.  Sunday we decided to take a drive after church so we didn’t kill each other in TLF (tiny temporary housing).  We drove south down to the capital (Naha) along the East China Sea coast and drove back home along the Pacific coast.  It was a fun drive and we scoped out a few fun things that we needed to go back and explore.IMG_3706IMG_3704

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  • roberta inglet

    Oh my, this looks wonderful. Is the water warm like on the Florida, Atlantic ocean side?? Just curious how cold it gets for your weather?? Take care and keep those pictures coming, we are so glad your posting again

    Mama Inglet

  • Grandmama

    What a fun adventure for everyone! Loved the sea wall art too! Wow! Kennedy has sprouted some seriously LONG arms and legs! What have you been feeding her? Is that restaurant where Nate-Nate developed his love for Soba noodles? Your kids certainly have developed a taste for some pretty eclectic foods!! 🙂 Hugs and Kisses! PS Loved Nate’s singing on the phone -what a cutie!

  • colleen call

    I finally got to check the blog on Shanna’s computer. It was so wonderful to read about all you are doing. It doesn’t seem so far when we get to read about it and see the wonderful pictures. I loved the slide show. Nathan looks like he has grown a bunch since we were there. Kennedy is always ready with a smile. I love you all sooooo much.

  • Shanna Roper

    So pretty! I’m glad to hear that you all are enjoying your time there and fitting in some fun. What beautiful scenery.

  • katie

    Wow! Looks like another paradise… how do you guys get so lucky! I sure would love to visit those beautiful beaches and play with those adorable kids. 🙂

  • Suzy

    Breathtaking! Jared asked, more beaches? We also wish we could be there too!

  • It looks like you fit right in there in Japan!!!!! I’m going to have to tell Ryan about the snorkeling (that could be my ticket to come visit you guys!) It does look gorgeous there! I’m excited to see more pictures and hear how life is over seas!!!! We love you guys and miss you! The girls really want to come visit, so I will have to show them the pictures!! Love ya! Jules

  • Angie

    You made it!! I’ve been wondering how you are doing. Looks like an adventure. You sound like a trooper. I bet that 6 hour lay over felt like an eternity! The pictures are beautiful. It seems like you didn’t change climate much. I’m glad your doing good.

  • Tara

    How wonderful! I bet the snorkeling was amazing! You are having so many amazing adventures! I’m impressed that Kennedy went snorkeling, too!

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