We made it to our new home in Okinawa, Japan!


We made it to Okinawa Japan!  It was a long day, but we are here and have enjoyed the last few weeks. We still haven’t gotten our major shipment of our things, so we are living seriously simple.  We finally got our small fast shipment, and it had my computer in it, so hopefully I can get this blog rolling and play catch up with some of the adventures we’ve had lately.

The day we left Florida was very surreal.  It felt like we were leaving on a vacation, not saying good bye to our home.  It turned out to be a long exhausting day.  Some of our wonderful friends and my Aunt ended up taking us to the airport at 4:45 am.  Kennedy was so excited she couldn’t go to sleep very well.  It sort of felt like Christmas in a way.  We were all pretty excited.  Our friends woke up to a dead battery, so they hurried and jumped it and then picked us up.  We rushed off to the airport where we caught our flight to Dallas.  Once we arrived in Dallas, we didn’t have much time to catch the bullet train over to the international terminal, but we made it fine and then we all loaded the plane.

Once loaded we sat there on the plane and waited….and waited…. We waited for over an hour!  The gauges on the plane weren’t working properly.  GREAT!  I kept thinking to myself , “We are flying this plane on a 13 hour flight, they better make sure it’s working right!!  After fixing the problems, and the plane checked out, we started the long stretch of our journey.  The plane was huge  with individual movie screens at each seat, and we each got a set of headphones.  In fact, our family got an entire middle row to ourselves because we had small children.  The staff was very kind.  We were served 3 meals, and lots of drinks, and hot towels.  Kennedy managed to not lock herself in the bathroom this trip which was nice.    There was no freaking out and screaming; at least not by my kids.  I had been having nightmares about what our flight would be like and it was all in vain.  The flight was smooth and the kids were angels.  I think it was a tender mercy.

Everything was going so well until a lady followed the drink cart down the isle and got stuck next to me for a long time.  It wouldn’t have been so bad, but she was holding a filled barf bag!   I am serious. GROSS!  It stunk SO bad.

We arrived in Tokyo where we waited for 6 hours to catch our shuttle to our terminal.  The bad news was that we had to take all 8 bags, 2 car seats, and 4  carry-on bags with us everywhere!  We lugged them up and down that airport, through customs, and immigration.  Someone even tried to send us back to America.  It was very comical! Once we landed in Tokyo, I decided to try out some of the Japanese we had learned in our lessons.  After awhile, Brian  got brave and tried out some Japanese with some people in the airport too and followed it up by saying, “Sorry my Chinese is SO bad!”  After they smiled and walked away I told him great Bri they aren’t Chinese!  We laughed so hard about that!  He didn’t realize he had said Chinese instead of Japanese.

While we waited at our gate for our plane to Okinawa, Kennedy met a little girl named Coco, who was the same age.  In fact, her birthday is October 5th and Kennedy’s is the 9th.  They were instant buddies, and they played for the 6 hour layover in Tokyo. We were exhausted, and it was all we could do to keep our eyelids open.   When we boarded our plane Coco and her mom were sitting right next to us.  They had an extra seat in their row, so Kennedy got to spend the 3 hour flight sitting next to her friend. Too fun!  Coco’s mom gave me her contact information, and it was all we could do to tear the girls apart.   Unfortunately, I washed the paper in the wash while I was in a jet lagged stupor! We arrived in Okinawa late the next night in Japan, or early the next morning in America.  Essentially we had lost a day somewhere in there!  Regardless, we were very tired and jet lagged, but were greeted by Brian’s new boss and the best sponsors in the world!

It was rough getting used to the time change.  We were all messed up.  We didn’t know when to eat or sleep.  We were so grateful when the kids slept in until 5 am, and we were torturing ourselves until we could go to bed at 8 or 9 pm. Now that life is getting more normal, and I got my computer finally, I hope to be able to share some of our adventures as we discover this beautiful island that is our new home.

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  • Grandmama

    Big smiley face for getting the blog back up and going! Love and miss you ALL so much! Does this mean you got a new desk to put your computer on? Life is just one big adventure for you guys these days!! XXOO

  • Wendi

    Yay – I am glad to finally hear how things are going for you. Glad you made it to Japan in one piece and I look forward to hearing more about your adventures.

  • What a trip! Glad to know you all made it there safely, and I’m glad we can keep up with your family on here.

  • katie

    I’m so glad the blog is back! I’m anxious to see pictures of everything! Glad you survived the trip and are all adjusting to your new life. Hugs and kisses!

  • Suzy

    We are so glad that you’re there safe and sound!! We’ve been thinking about you guys lots! That sounds like a very exhausting, and long day/days?!! I love the smiley faces in the pictures! 🙂 Your new adventure sounds like it’s off to an excellent start!

  • Ashley Olsen

    Hey Calls! So glad you made it! Sounds like it was a long trip! It looks beautiful there. Sadie has asked a couple times where Kennedy is. We leave for Germany in the morning. Hope are kids are as good as yours were on the flight.

  • Tara

    I’m so glad you made it there safely and that the trip was fairly smooth! It sure doesn’t sound fun but now you can reap the rewards of living in such a great, exciting place! We love y’all!!

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