Under the big top!

Today was Kennedy’s Father’s Day circus program.  Since Father’s Day comes after school is out, Kennedy’s pre-school did a circus program today.  I was lucky enough to come too!

The program began with Kennedy announcing, “Ladies and Gentlemen.  Welcome to the circus.  Let the show begin!”  Each of the classes were something different.  The 3 year old classes were clowns and acrobats.  The 4 year old classes were elephants, horses, and Kennedy’s class was lions and tigers.  The kids paraded around the floor before going on stage to perform.  Kennedy’s class jumped through a flaming hoop of fire, and let out a great BIG ROAR!!  It was so cute!  Then once all the classes performed, the boys lifted weights, and flexed as muscle men.  As the closing number, all the girls performed a dance.  Kennedy did a great job, and was very entertaining to watch.  It was obvious that she was having so much fun! We are so proud of our little performer!

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  • Grandmama

    Too cute! She is definitely a performer. I couldn’t figure out how to watch the last video. I can’t see the first picture on the blog either. I love the hand wave as she leaves the stage! You can tell she’s a dancer!!!

  • Suzy

    Jared, Derek and I LOVED it! Jared says, “Cool!” He really liked seeing Kennedy as a tiger. Kennedy’s a star for sure!

  • Grandmama

    Bri – I love your tie! I can tell a lot of love went into that tie from your little princess! Kennedy’s bow at the end of their dance is priceless! What can I say? When your good – you just know it!!

  • katie

    SOOOO cute! What a little star that girl is!

  • Colleen

    What great video. Kennedy’s dancing skills are wonderful! What a great bow, little princess. I’m looking forward to lots more video’s of the ballerina.
    Hey Bri, the tie looked awesome with the mitlitary suit. How fun! I hope you get to enjoy lots and lots of Daddy Daughter Dates!

  • Tara

    She sure is a natural performer and leader! That was so good, Kennedy! I can tell that Brian enjoyed it, too!

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