The Circus is coming to town!

Last week I helped out at Kennedy’s pre-school each day with courtyard.  One week out of the month the school has activities outdoor, and the kids love it!  This month’s theme was the circus.  All the activities and crafts followed the theme.  Nathan especially enjoyed this courtyard, and seems to think that he is just one of the  kids.  He’s always enjoyed courtyard, but seemed to be more content just to hang out with me.  Now he wants to do just what the kids are doing!  All the children are very sweet with him and happy to let him play too!

I have enjoyed watching him grow and discover each month!  Lately, the teachers at the school have been commenting on how much I’ve let him grow up!  He is interacting and playing very well with the kids.

Kennedy is enjoying school and is my little social butterfly.  She loves to be with her teacher and friends there.  She is learning lots, and Brian and I can’t believe the girl that is emerging before our eyes!  She is looking and acting so mature these days!  Ahhh…it seemed so far off, but it’s now upon us!

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  • Grandmama

    Kennedy’s pre-school has been so much fun. They do very creative things! I’m like Nate-Nate I want to play too!!!

  • Suzy

    Kennedy’s preschool is very impressive. They do a variety of activities! All so fun!

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