Crunch time!


As our time in this beautiful place is coming to an end, we find ourselves trying to fill every minute with all the things that we love and will miss from our home here!  One of those things is Turkey Creek.  We love to visit for a pleasant walk.  The kids love to walk along the river and watch for alligators.  We haven’t seen any yet, but they are sure that we will sometime! Considering you can float down the river in a tube or kayak, I certainly hope  we never encounter any! We even skip down the boardwalk pretending to be butterflies.  It would be humiliating if Brian and I EVER saw anyone we knew there! I have captured Brian on video, just in case.  It just tickles me to see Kennedy and Nathan’s relationship grow.  They are becoming such good buddies.  There’s not much more in this world that will bring such a big smile to my face!







GOOFY GOLF!!!! It’s practically a family tradition around here!  Anyone who’s anybody has done it!!!  Just teasing, but it’s pretty great family fun!  Brian took the day from work to take  us for a round.  I must add,  I was on fire and even won a free pass for my next game!  I’m considering my options for joining the PGA tour!


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  • Grandmama

    Wow! Lots of posts! Anyone would think you got released as YW Pres>! 🙂 I love them all! Such cute pictures! It makes me smile to see what little buddies Kennedy and Nathan are! She is such a good big sister ! Awesome golf skills Nat! I’m pretty sure you got those from your Dad – not me!! My form looks a lot like Kennedy’s!

  • Shanna

    What fun family outings! I love all the pics. I had no idea you were such a good golfer, Nat! We can’t wait to see all of you next week. We plan on a lot of fun!!

  • Suzy

    Can’t get over how big you’re letting them get! Definitely heartwarming to see the two of them getting along so well.

  • roberta inglet

    oh wow, they are so adorable. When do you leave for Japan? Wow, you guys are so adventerous. I am glad you had a good time in Idaho. I was sure glad that Colleen could have that party, so that I could see you. I wish I would of known and I would of tried to get Matt home to see Brian. Oh well, maybe another tim. I am glad that you all have such a fun time in that wonderful area that you live in.

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