Speaking in Church on Sunday

On second thought, I might not be back to the blogging world this week!

As I began to prepare for my talk in church on Sunday, I came across this comedy clip.  Brian and I thought it was hilarious. Especially if you are preparing a talk!

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  • Grandmama

    Wow! A talk, huh!? They are not going to let you go without a fight! Good luck with that! That clip was hilarious. Straight out of “Talk Writing 101”. What is your assigned subject?

  • Suzy

    Seriously, being a member of the church truly is being a part of another culture isn’t it? My face hurts from smiling so much during that clip. Lol! I wish I could hear your talk!

  • Shanna

    That was hilarious! Thanks for sharing. Good luck on your talk. I’m sure you’ll do great!

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