Back soon…

We are alive and well, I promise!

My computer has had a few issues, and it got me WAY behind! Grrr! Apparently I have too many graphic intensive files on it.  It’s been a process, but things are looking better. My computer and I are still friends when all is said and done.  (I think!) The kids are silly as ever!  All in all. life moves on happily ever after!


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  • Grandmama

    Glad you’re back!! We have missed you!! This is such a cute picture of those two little munchkins! Those smiles just light up Grandma’s heart!!

  • Suzy

    SO cute, even if they are a little silly :)… okay, a lot silly! 🙂 You’re a much more patient friend of technology than I!

  • Too many graphics-are you filling your computer up with photos or is it your World of Warcraft addiction 😉
    Nathan looks so old! We miss you and your sweet kids!

  • katie

    Too cute! I’m glad you’re back. I check everyday hoping for new pictures. Keep them coming!:)

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