My End of the Rainbow!

My favorite little Leprechauns:


Nathan and I had the chance to spend the morning at Kennedy’s school.  The kids received clues to that led them on a leprechaun hunt.  The kids weren’t quite lucky enough to catch the leprechaun, but they found his hat and his pot of gold.  The kids split the loot, and headed back to the class for a very green party! When they got back to their class, that tricky little leprechaun had sneaked into their room and made a mess. Their chairs were turn upside down. Toys were scattered on the floor, and even a few gold coins were left as evidence that he had been there! The kids loved it, and could not stop laughing!




After school Kennedy helped me bake and decorate yummy sugar cookies for our very green dinner!  The entire time Nathan tried to snitch cookies and icing!




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  • Grandmama

    Looks like a fun St. Patty’s Day was had by all!

  • katie

    Way, way fun! Kids definitely make the holidays better!

  • Tara

    What a fun day!! You are such a fun Mom!!

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