It’s about time!

Life has been busy lately to say the least.  I have thought over and over again , “I should blog about that!”  However,  reality just doesn’t allow.  After much planning, we finally made it to Idaho!  We had a great trip, but after doing so, Brian and I both know exactly why it took us 2 1/2 years to get back out there!

Friday night we drove to Pensacola.  We rolled into town pretty late, but needed some food, so we stopped at Moe’s for dinner.  The kids loved it, and Nathan couldn’t get enough salsa.  We got back to our hotel only to meet a couple of wasted loud crude men in the hall.  Brian and I said, “Let’s just hope they aren’t our neighbors!”  As luck would have it, they ended up right next to us.  After a few minutes of non-stop loud profanity, Brian knocked on their door.  He explained that we had two small children, and would appreciate if they could turn the volume down and edit things for us a little.  We told them we would try to be quiet as well.

The kids settled in fine, and Brian and I made sure our plans were all set for the morning.  All of the sudden we heard a noise.  “What!!!”   For the remainder of the evening, we heard the men next door vomit over and over again!  I am so glad I wasn’t housekeeping the next next morning.  I’m afraid there was serious damage done to their bathroom!  About midnight Nathan woke up screaming and did so for the rest of the night! I stayed up the whole night trying to keep him quiet.   I guess you could say that we got pay back on the men next door, but it took the toll on us also!  We were up bright and early for our morning flight and hadn’t slept most of the night.

We caught the shuttle over to the airport where we caught our plane nice and smooth.  Well, except for the fact that we had 2 convertible car seats, 5 bags of luggage, a diaper bag, a computer bag, a backpack, a 1 year old, and a 5 year old! We boarded our plane and got settled in the “special lap-rider seats”.  The were all situated on the last row of the plane.  The person in front of me practically made his seat lay back into my lap.  It was pretty tight quarters for me with the kids.  Brian had a seat across the isle.  Hmmm…how that would have been! Lets just say that Nathan and the stewardess didn’t hit it off very well.    I could tell right away that the stewardess didn’t like kids much.  Things got ugly when she came around with the little bags of mini pretzels and wouldn’t give Nathan any.  I did what any mother would do and let him have mine.  No harm done, right?  However, we received the same treatment when the drinks came along!  Really??? I ended up pouring my drink into his sippy cup.  They spent the remainder of the flight giving each other dirty looks. You think I’m joking, but I’m not!  Brian and I thought it was hilarious! Well, except for the fact that we were going on about 2-3 hours of sleep, and Nathan was fussy and wiggly most of the flight.  We had a layover in Houston, where we got a bite to eat, and stretched our legs, and then it was another long flight.  It almost killed us to know that we were that close to my brother and his adorable family!

The second leg went a little smoother.  The new stewardess rewarded us with a full meal and multiple drinks (Nathan included).   What can I say??  My boy loves his food, and they were best friends for the entire flight!  On the second flight, Kennedy had to go potty.  She requested a little privacy, and since the  restroom was so tiny and we were seated on the last row, she went in on her own. The toilet flushed, and we could hear a banging noise.  We asked Kennedy if everything was alright, and she said she couldn’t get the door open.  Brian tried to talk her through it, but she was getting more and more worked up.  She began to throw herself at the door.  Ouch!  Kennedy was very panicked, and so we informed the stewardess that Kennedy was stuck in the bathroom. The stewardess had a special key that opened the door from the outside, and Kennedy was free!  Phew!  Funny right??  Maybe not so much at the time!

We landed in Salt Lake City were we met up with Uncle Brad and Aunt Shanna who let us bum a ride to Idaho with them.  As Brian loaded the bags, I was on car seat duty. I got in Aunt Shanna’s car first, and there were no latch bars for the kids seats.  I checked in Brad’s car too, then asked, “What year are your cars?”   Oopsy, their cars were several years shy of when the latch came out.  In all my planning, I never thought that might be a problem.  Luckily Nathan’s car seat had a H-clip on the back of it that we were able to install it without a problem.  However, we were had no choice but to fudge on Kennedy’s  seat and turn it into a booster even though she didn’t meet the requirements yet.  Anyone that knows me well, knows I am strict when it comes to car seats!

It was fun to have the drive to chat with Shanna.  She and Brad are expecting their first child in August, and we couldn’t be more thrilled for them!   We followed Mario Andretti (I mean Brad) and Brian to Idaho Falls.   We spent the first week hanging out with all the Calls,  and the second week playing with the Hatts.  Thank you for a wonderful visit!

I will try to post some pictures from the visit soon!

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  • Grandmama

    WOW! This is the first I had heard of all the scary details of the trip out here! Bet you can’t wait for the LONG flight to Japan!! Well, it was so worth it for us! 🙂 At least you didn’t lose your cell phone! Thanks for all the fun together time! It seems very quiet around here now! XXOO

  • I was just thinking about you! I’m glad you had fun on your trip.
    I am amazed the flight attendant wouldn’t give Nathan a bag of pretzels. Doesn’t she realize the better time the kid has, the better flight she has? Any time eating is quiet time!

  • Shanna

    What an adventure! I’m just so glad you all had a safe and fun trip. It was so good to see the 4 of you. Brad thought the Mario Andretti comparison was funny:) We can’t wait to come and spend more time with you!

  • Suzy

    Sheesh! As if traveling isn’t hard enough when things are going well! Glad you’re all back safe and sound, and had a great time once you got there!

  • katie

    oh man, this was just a teaser! I want all of the details from your trip… and pictures too!
    Yep, at least you didn’t lose your cell phone, and have the stealer rack up $70 worth of charges before the service was canceled. 🙂 Oh, flying with kids is fun, huh?! I can commiserate!

  • roberta inglet

    Oh wow, you did have an adventure. I am surprised you just didn’t leave and go home. I am glad you didn’t. I wish I would of had a little longer to visit with you, but there were so many people. It was fun to see you. I wanted Matt to come, but he was saving this last weekend to go to SLC to baptize me for my grandma in the SLC temple. He would of loved to have seen all of you though. Timing is always hard when you all have little families. I sure hope you had fun and that you thought it was worth it. I am anxious to see the pictures.

  • Beth Munns

    Travelling with kids is hard! I have to admit, it is kind of funny to hear about someone elses struggles, sorry! I can just picture little Kennedy stuck, and it makes me giggle a little. Glad you made it there and back safely!

  • Sheri

    What a mean flight attendant! I can’t believe that! I do like that he gave her dirty looks though. I miss Moe’s, oh how I miss Moe’s!!!

  • Tara

    Wow! What a trip! We got our tickets a few weeks ago and I’m not looking forward to the plane ride though it should be much easier now that the boys are older. It just seems like something ALWAYS goes wrong when we fly! We are glad you got back home safe and sound and can’t wait to hear more and see more from your visit! And that really stinks that you were here in Houston and we couldn’t even see you!!!

  • Colleen

    We used to travel with the kids alot, (more when they got a little older!). But we would get everyone in the car headed for the airport and say a prayer for safety, then we would say “We are off to another adventure!” There was always some new twist or turn that we did not plan on. (A crazy guy at the Pizza place, Getting soaked to the bone in a rainstorm) etc. It became part of the memory. I almost always love traveling more when I’m home. Isreal seemed more like an endurance test but thinking back on it, I am so thankful I left my comfort zone to have that great experience. We want you to know that your visit was a “taste of heaven” for us.
    We appreciate the sacrifice you made. We think your family is worth the sacrifice of a trip to Japan. I can’t imagine that long flight with just Charlie and I without little ones. Our prayers will be with you and your family on your next adventure in traveling!
    PS I don’t know how I missed this post. I have been wrapped up in taxes. Done now!!

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