In search of a safety helmet!

Morning of accident.  Kennedy pushed him out the front door and down the cement steps. She claims it was an accident, but I know it wasn’t.  I believe that she was sorry he got hurt!  Nathan pretty much avoided her for the rest of the day.  I don’t blame him!


After dropping Kennedy off at school, we came home and I fixed his head up the best I could.  He even fell asleep in my arms with an icepack on his head!  This picture was taken later in the afternoon.  He is enjoying some valentines treats from Grandma and Grandpapa Hatt.  Thank you for the fun package!

As a side note, the accident happened a week ago, and the last of the scabs fell of yesterday.  His little head is almost back to normal.  This picture was taken this morning. It’s amazing how fast little ones heal!

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  • Grandmama

    Seriously – that just makes me sick to look at! I had no idea when you described it on the phone that it was so massive! Even though you said it was!! That is one BIG ouchie!! I knew all that money we invested in your nursing degree would pay off! You are using it to keep our grandchildren alive!! 🙂 I know exactly what mood Kennedy was in when that happened! Little Miss Impatience! I absolutely don’t think she thought that would happen. Just not thinking! Give them both a kiss for me!

  • katie

    Oh man! poor little guy! That makes me very sad! kiss that cute little boy for us.

  • roberta inglet

    Oh my, what did she want so bad that she tried that one?? I am sure she didn’t think this was going to happen. Was she awfully upset?? Poor little guy. I am glad it all healed so nicely, he looks back to normal. You might want to put him in a bubble for protection from an older sister. She is quite the little lady.

  • Shanna

    Aawww…poor little guy. Looks like he cleaned up well, though. Good thing he has a nurse for a mom:)

  • Suzy

    Oh, man. Very scary. What a tough little guy! He looks like he’s healed very nicely. Excellent job, nurse mommy!

  • Tara

    OUCH! That looks like it hurt! It is amazing how fast they heal though. Ethan has a misunderstanding of the word “accident”, too. I think he thinks that if he didn’t really mean to intentionally hurt someone it’s an accident, even though he obviously did it on purpose. Give that cute boy a kiss for us!

  • Ashley

    It’s always fun and entertaining to read your blog and catch up on you guys. You make life look so exciting. I can totally comisterated (sp?) about grocery store drama – isn’t it the pits!

  • Erika

    So to answer your comment yes we do clean for Len. I can’t tell how much I love Virginia she is the best! We are so thankful for the work and the friendship. I have also cleaned a little for Joy his ex-wife. She is great too!

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