Going through withdrawls

What in the world is the deal with the weather in Florida this January?

The weather is giving me serious whip lash, not to mention the wardrobe challenge it has been!  Last January we were in the mid 70’s to low 80’s with the exception of a few cold snaps.  Luckily, nothing that stuck around though.  This January has been freezing!  We have been miserable. I HATE the cold. When we moved from Idaho, I was more than happy to say goodbye to the bitter sting of winter!    I was thrilled to trade in the snow of winter for the white sand beaches!  In my humble opinion, it is WAY better than snow! I enjoy jogging in a tank top in December and January outdoors.  I love to go to the beach on Christmas Day and wade in the water, and play in the sand.   I love taking the kids to the park to play, or down to the landing. I love the sound of the ice cream truck driving down our street daily year-round.  Okay, I’m not going to lie, I LOVE it!  Seriously though, I feel like I’ve been totally ripped off this year!  It’s been too cold to do much outside.  Instead I stay inside and freeze because the houses and heaters just aren’t cut out for freezing temperatures.  We are used to finding ways to cool off, not stay warm!  I had lovely tomatoes in my garden, and gorgeous flowers landscaping my green yard until the beginning of january when Florida froze over!  Now my flowers, tomatoes, and lawn are withered, brown, and dead! So disappointing! As I’ve heard it said, “Who forgot to pay the heating bill?”

With all that said, the sun finally made an appearance. It still wasn’t too warm, maybe mid 60’s.  We took full advantage of it, and went to the beach.  I have been seriously deprived without my visits, and Daddy hadn’t gone since he got home from Iraq.  What a shame! We usually go several times a week or more!   Nathan was in heaven.  Although, He wasn’t too interested in taking a walk.  I’ve never seen him walk so slow in his life!  He just wanted to take a few steps, plop down, and dig in the sand.  Kennedy on the other hand, was dying to get in the water.  She ran up and down the beach racing the waves.  She ended up wet against my advice and nagging to stay dry!  She claimed to have NO idea how it happened! Secretly I didn’t blame her, I wanted to dive in too!  I would have if I wasn’t afraid of catching pneumonia and freezing to death!  We all enjoyed the afternoon at the beach, and left with an extra skip in our step, a twinkle in our eyes, and permanent grin on our faces!  If only the weather would continue to cooperate a little more…..  the current temp makes me shiver!





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  • Grandmama

    You have my total sympathy!! You know I am a complete beach bum at heart! Winter here is seeming way too long already and we still have a LONG spell of it to go! Fortunately, we will be escaping to Houston after tax season ends! 🙂 Yes!!! Warm weather and adorable grandkids! Can’t beat it!!! 🙂 All this cold Florida weather is just preparing you for your trip back to Idaho! Seriously who thinks a trip to Idaho in Winter is a good idea???? … but we can’t wait to see you!!XXOO

  • I feel your pain. If it is going to be this humid, it has no business getting this cold too.

  • katie

    Don’t even talk to me! It was 2 degrees the other morning – 2 degrees! And you’re complaining. I would die to have your weather. I think you just make posts like this to rub it in! Seriously! You stinker!

  • Shanna

    That stinks!! I love warm weather, too, so it better warm up by the time we come for our visit:). I hope it warms up quick so you can enjoy your last winter in Florida!!

  • Ummm….I have a hard time feeling sorry too! 🙂 Utah winters aren’t as bad as Idaho, but they’re definitely worse than your “freezing” Florida winter!

    But, it is sad that it’s your last winter there and it’s so cold. Cute pics of the kiddos!

  • Suzy

    Now that’s what I’m talking about! 🙂 That type of environment… the warm weather all year long, the beach so close… sunshine… that’s how I spent the first 18 years of my life! I feel your pain. Definitely easier to aclimatize from cold to warm than vice versa! Jared says, “Oh, Mom-o, I want to go to the beach! That’s so fun!” I agree wholeheartedly. I love the smile on Nathan’s face as you’re walking down the boardwalk toward the beach, he knows where he’s headed! 🙂

  • Suzy

    And the smile on Kennedy’s face! You’ve got sunshine wherever she goes!

  • colleen call

    The kids look so happy on the beach! I love all the pictures. We are so blessed by your great photograpy skills. The cold in Florida will help them adjust to Idaho for a couple of weeks, I hope. It hasn’t been that cold here and almost no wind this winter. We have had several days of fog which leave every tree and bush covered in white lace. We are on our way to Park City for a Podiatry Meeting. I wish I still could ski. But there is a great outlet mall there. Shopping is great it cold or hot weather! I would say I would enjoy a nice hot vacation somewhere (like Florida with my grandkids). But I am a true Idahoan, I love the seasons! Winter could bit shorter but that reminds me to appreciate the other 3 seasons even more.

  • It doesn’t matter what the temperature is, I still always wear shorts and capri’s! Wishful thinking I suppose! The beach pictures were adorable! We are just counting down the days until you guys come!!!!!!!!! I am really looking forward to seeing you all!!!!!! love ya, jules

  • YOu are crazy! I’m so anxious to leave the heat of Arizona- I get so angry when we have a heat wave in January and it’s 70 degrees outside when it should be 60! I don’t mind it so much in the summer because it’s pretty much warm everywhere but the cool weather is a welcome change. Not to mention the wardrobe change! I get so tired of some of my summer clothes!!! 😉

  • Tara

    I hear ya! We are just not cut out for this freezing weather! I gave away most of my winter clothes last year becuase I didn’t think I’d need them. The beach still looks beautiful though and I’m glad you finally got in a nice day strolling on those gorgeous white sands!

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