Just spreading the holiday cheer!


Here are a few video clips from the ward party!  Hope you enjoy Daddy as a snowman and Kennedy as an angel!

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  • Your kids are sooooooo cute!!!! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!!

  • Suzy

    Looks like a very fun ward party. Each did a great job on their part!

  • roberta inglet

    Um, must be that ShoBIz training, and the little rascals, that has given him his showmanship. HAHAHA. He was a very cute snowman, and I do believe he looks like he is actually having fun. Your little girl is as cute as ever. I hope you had a fun day today. What did you guys do? Tell us your special traditions.

  • Nothing like a little public humiliation to get into the Christmas spirit:) !

  • Grandmama

    Loved the videos almost as much as Bri’s biceps!! Tee Hee! Kennedy is Grandmama & Grandpapa’s little angel! What no video of the gingerbread cookie addict? That boy is just mischief! But, oh so cute!!! We love you guys! Merry Christmas!

  • I loved your whole blog! Christmas looked like a ton of fun too! Now, lets talk about that birthday cake…. unreal!!!!!!!! That was amazing!!!!!!! Are you sure you can’t come a little so0ner to help with all 3 of my girls cakes… haha, that was a joke. Anyway… soooooo cute! Hey, I got my new blog going, so add it to your list please… julesandryansfamily.blogspot.com Love ya all! Jules

  • Shanna

    Lookin’ good bro! You must have worked out hard in Iraq to get biceps like that:). Kennedy makes a very sweet angel. I’m surprised she wasn’t up there singing at the top of her lungs:). Still very very cute!

  • Colleen

    Thank goodness for years of Preschool, acting out every song! Bri it really paid off! Kennedy is so darling. She really looked like an angel. Love her smiles!!

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