Ohayo gozaimasu

That means Good morning!

Brian is home safe and sound.  I will post pictures of the homecoming sometime soon, but he told me that I could finally make the BIG announcement!

We are moving to Okinawa, Japan!

Can you believe it???  We are so excited!  This is truly a dream come true!!!  Can you stand how beautiful it looks?  We can’t wait for the cherry blossoms in January either!!


Before Brian left on his deployment, we made a trip to Disney World. While we were at Epcot, Kennedy fell in love with this little purple kimono. She loves everything purple and silky! Now that she knows we are moving to Japan, she thinks we need to make another trip to Disney World to pick it up.  She says she will NEED it! It is so cute to see how excited she is to move there. We are excited for our next adventure.  During July, we stayed at my Aunt’s house because of serious mold issues. While we were there, my Aunt taught us some Japanese. My Aunt is actually Japanese, so she makes the perfect teacher.   She is going to teach us all some more Japanese before we move in July. We are all so excited!


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  • Grandmama

    Welcome Home Bri-Guy! We have missed you so much! I hope you are getting rested up so you can do some serious playing with Natalie and the kids! Woo-Hoo! Let the party begin! 🙂 The adventures just never end with you guys! I’m going to have to study up on Japan! We are excited for you guys! What an experience! From what I hear, that is supposed to be one of the BEST bases ever! How do you keep lucking out? Thanks for keeping me supplied with awesome beaches to visit! 🙂

  • katie

    I can’t believe it! What a new adventure! I love how adventurous you all are. I’m sure you will love it and have tons of fun experiences. Mostly, I’m just so happy you guys are all together again. Love you all and so glad Bri is home safe and sound.

  • Wendi

    That sounds so exciting – Japan!! I am happy that your hubby finally came home too. Do you know how long you will be in Japan?

  • colleen call

    I’m still basking in the joy of Brian’s safe return and the reunion of your sweet family.
    We have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! I just can’t stop singing. We’ve had the rest of the family for an early Thanksgiving and of course a “New Moon” movie date with our hubbies. We were only missing one thing to make it absolutely perfect, your family here. (Not that I haven’t been checking travel plans to Japan!! We are always up for an adventure. ) We love you!

  • roberta inglet

    Oh my, I am so excited for Brian to be home with you. I know how much you have missed him. You have been such a terrific trooper. You are both so wonderful. Now about Japan. Wow, the adventure you are about to have. My principal was in Japan on the base, and my daughter Krisite’s husband, was there twice with his Dad when he was in the Army on that base. This is quite the adventure.
    Now do you take almost strangers in as house quest to sleep on the floor? Mamasun might want an adventure too, or you could lead us to good hotel, and then take us around to show us. Just kidding. I am just hoping for some good pictures of all your fascinating places. Let me know if you are planning a trip here anytime soon. I want to meet you all so bad. Tell Brian we are so glad that he is safe. Thank him for us too. He is the reason we have Freedom in America. Please ask him if he knew Guy Hollingsworth. He is the base President for the church there in Iraq.

  • Tara

    We are soooooo happy that Bri is back home safe and you’re all together again! I’m sure you are all very busy spending time with him and we are excited for your new adventure! I’m hoping we can find some good deals and come visit- it looks beauitful!

  • Jamie

    Congratulations on Brian being home and on your new adventure to Japan! That will be an awesome experience. When do you leave? How long will you be there for? I am so happy that your family is back togther again and I hope things are going well!

  • Suzy

    We are so glad that you’re all together again, and that Brian returned home safely!! How fun to experience life in such a beautiful country! We’re very excited for you!! Makayla’s curious about Kennedy’s schooling while you’re in Japan.

  • Shanna

    Welcome home big bro!!! I’m so happy to know that you have returned safe and sound. We can’t wait to visit with you over web-cam. I can’t believe you’re moving to Japan! That sounds exciting and adventurous. I’m excited for you. We’ll try to come out and visit you in FL before you leave, depending on our situation with work and school, etc. And if it’s okay with you. Well, good luck adjusting back to somewhat normal life:) I be you’re loving every minute with your precious family. Take care and keep in touch!! We love you!

  • Elise

    I’m glad he made it home! I can’t believe you guys are moving to Japan! I think that is going to be crazy exciting!

  • Beth Munns

    Oh that is huge news! I’m so excited for you guy. And so happy that Brian made itback to you! Good luck learning a new language! Kennedy looks so pretty!

  • Annette Larsen

    Yay! Congrats! That is so exciting!

  • Rachel Sandberg

    Congratulations you guys!!! Japan looks beautiful! So glad you are back together again!

  • Well, well, well….. Ohayo gozaimasu to you too!!! I cannot believe it! That is so cool.
    You have to come visit, you know that. They have regular flights Space A from here to Yokota and then Okinawa. And I’ve heard there is a nice military resort in Okinawa, so we might come visit! If you want skiing and mountains–see us!

    When are you moving officially?

  • Hey Brian and Natalie! I wanted to say hi and tell you we’re WAY excited for you to go to Okinawa! Do you remember Chris Booker from law school? He was our neighbor, but he graduated with Brian and Mark… Anyway, he and his wife Bryn are in Okinawa, too! If you don’t know them, you’ll have to look them up when you’re there – you’ll love Bryn, Natalie! 🙂

  • Jill Williams

    I didn’t know you had changed websites! I’m glad I found you again! Congratulations on the move! That will be really exciting for you, and a great exprience for the kids! Stephen’s younger brother joined the Navy last year and is being sent to Japan in the summer. He’ll be an air traffic controller on an air craft carrier! Good luck to you!

  • hey natalie, I found your blog! I have friends from college in Okinawa on base that I’m SURE you’ll run into (the Petrinis). When you get there I’ll have to remind you to say hi (btw they LOVE it there).

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