Caged TiGeRs!!!

With the preparations of Ida on the way, cancellation of school, and life as we know it had come to a halt.  I was desperate to find things to do with the kids so they didn’t tear the house apart.  The kids were seriously acting like caged TIGERS! We decided to make a storm of our own (in a bottle).  Kennedy thought it was great.  I was just waiting for the minute that she would bust it, and I would have water and glitter all over!


We played LOTS of dress-up, and made a huge mess of the house!  During courtyard last week at school, the kids made the indian outfits, and Kennedy was more than happy to become an Indian warrior princess.


The storm hit last night, and knocked power out for most of the night, and into the morning.   This morning we were just chillin’ waiting for it all to come back on.  The kids enjoyed BLUE pancakes for breakfast. I thought it looked like play-doh color, but the kids loved it!  Nathan especially loved his front row seat!


When the rain quit, and the wind died down a bit,  we made it outside to play for a bit.  We went on a walk, splashed in the flooded street,  drew with chalk, and painted rocks!  Seriously, it’s so  much easier when you can play outside!


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  • Grandmama

    What a fun and creative mom you are! This has been a crazy busy week for you – lots of exciting things going on! Yep – I’m with you on the pancakes – play dough color for sure! I’m sure they were a little less bright as they cooked!! I hope you have started buying syrup by the gallon again – ‘cuz Daddy’s coming home!!! 🙂 Glad you survived the hurricane – Kennedy better watch the weather channel some more and learn all about typhoons! j/k Love you all tons!

  • Tara

    That’s so crazy that you got a hurricane in November!! You are such a fun and great Mom! Next time we have a hurrican come our way- I’ll be calling you for ideas on how to keep them busy. And I agree, life is better when you can get the tigers outside for some fun!

  • roberta inglet

    Ok, you have so much energy for a young mom. YOur kids are truly lucky to have you. Most people would crawl in a ball, and be so scared. Not you, you figure out fun things to do with kids, and make fun out of a bad situation. If we ever have to walk to Nauvoo or some place, I want you on my team. I bet you do such fun things when you have company.

    I have been praying hard that you guys would be ok, well you certainly were. The Lord is shining is love down on you.

    Love ya, Mama Inglet

  • Suzy

    Wow!! You NEVER cease to amaze me! I have a hard time keeping the kiddos occupied without a hurricane!! I agree, enough can not be said about the benefits of playing outdoors!

  • colleen call

    It does take alot of creativity and energy to entertain kids when you don’t let them sit for hours in front of a TV. I loved the indian princess! I have photo’s of real pyctographs from the St. George desert. I hope I will get them on the blog soon. Kennedy will like that. We are thankful the storm passed without too much damage. We are thankful for your courage. I’m sure Kennedy enjoyed the adventure because of your faith Nat. Love you all sooooooo much!

  • colleen call

    It makes me sad to see Nathan grow up so fast without us. I just want to hug him. Give him squeezes from Grandma and Grandp, Kennedy too for being such a good girl.

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