Love SUNDAY mornings!

With church at 11:00, there is usually a little free time in the morning (if I don’t have extra leadership meetings).  These are just a few of the ways the kids spend that time!


Nothing like a little tap dance to “I Know that my Redeemer Lives” to get you in tune to the spirit!


Nathan usually finds a front row seat, and sits mesmerized by how awesome his sister is.  I LOVE how attentive he is to the things she is doing.  Sometimes it just cracks me up!


Nothing like playing church before church.  I guess 3 hours of church isn’t enough!!!


Share a good book!


Be a cheesy monkey…


,giggle, and giggle! I guess you have to get all the silliness out somehow!

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  • katie

    So cute! Looks like a whole lot of fun around there.

  • Are Sundays supposed to be that much fun? Such good kids! Miss ya’ll like crazy!!

  • Grandmama

    I love this post! Such cute little ones – and so sweet! You and Bri are such good parents! There is such a lot of love at your house and it definitely shows in your kids! We love and are anxiously awaiting Daddy’s return home for all of you! What a happy day that will be! Love Nate’s cute church outfits – such a little man! Kennedy looks like a doll as always!

  • I can’t look at your blog without oooing and aweing over every single picture and story! Your little kiddos are adorable and so are their parents! Love you guys! Jules (only 2 weeks!)

  • Shanna

    What cute pictures! Nathan and Kennedy are so photogenic. That’s great that they love to play together.

  • Tara

    I remember playing church when I was little, too! I love that expression on Nathan as he’s watching Kennedy! You always dress your kids up so cute, Natalie! Of course, they’re already as cute as can be no matter what they’re wearing!

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