It’s already NOVEMBER!

This last week was SO busy, but filled with lots of fun.

I had the opportunity to help out at Kennedy’s school Monday thru Thursday!  I love when they have courtyard activities, and I get a chance to stay and play!  Nathan LOVES it too!

The kids got to dress up like Indians and play in teepees. The got to make colored pasta noodle necklaces, paint an indian vest, and head dress to wear.  They learned about Indian pictographs, and made blankets with symbols all over them.  They did plenty of painting with brushes, feathers, and their fingers.  The kids cracked nuts, husked corn,  and sampled plenty of both too!  The ground up corn, and mashed potatoes.  They danced to music, and had a grand time!



Nathan LOVED the dress-up mirror.  He spent much of the time making faces, and laughing at himself.  A few of the other children thought he was a crack up!


Nathan tried SO hard to reach the nuts.  As the week went on, and the pile grew…he had success!


It was SO cute to watch Nathan when he spotted Kennedy playing!  He ran to her,  she picked him up, and she gave him a big hug.  He was thrilled.  Then, the little boys in Kennedy’s class pretended to hunt him like a buffalo.  Kennedy didn’t think that was too cool!  She just kept saying, “No, he’s my little brother!”

Monday was parent day at dance.  This is a chance for the parents to peek at what they have been learning in dance.  The kids are usually full of excitement and enthusiasm.  What’s new, but having an audience only heightens the energy!  Kennedy and her fellow dancers were able to show us all the ballet positions they have been learning.  They  even showed us a few silly warm-up moves too, like the chicken dance!  It was so fun to watch the sparkle of each child as they experience the joy of dance.IMG_1835

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  • roberta inglet

    How fun. She is a pretty little ballerina. I love your photos. Love ya, Mama Inglet

  • roberta inglet

    That preschool does some amazing things. You are lucky. Little Nathan is so darn cute. Two cute kids for two cute parents. Love ya, Mama INglet
    Did you make her cowhide skirt? She looked so darn cute.

  • Sounds like you guys had a super-fun week! Can’t wait to come home and play 🙂

  • katie

    What a great school! That sounds like they do tons of fun things and keep the kids busy. I can just imagine how great Nathan thinks it is to be with all of the big kids. And I’m sure they love having such a great little mommy who is willing to help out all the time. And always, cutest little ballerina ever! Love you all!

  • Grandmama

    I missed parents day at Miss Katherine’s?! Sad!! I would like to have seen that chicken dance! Kennedy is sprouting some seriously long legs! I can’t get over how big Nathan looks too! Kennedy is such a sweet big sister! Nate – Nate is a lucky boy. You did have a busy week at Preschool! What a fun place. Is it any wonder she LOVES it? I would too! I’m sure the more Kennedy protested about hunting Nathan the Buffalo, the more the little boys delighted in doing it! Little boys are just a whole different breed. 🙂 (Big boys too!)

  • Shanna

    That sounds like so much fun! Kennedy and Nathan are so cute together. That’s great that you can be so involved with Kennedy’s school. Looks like Nathan was loving it too!! What a cute little ballerina Kennedy makes.

  • Tara

    I love the chicken dance, Kennedy! You are such a beautiful ballerina! Looks like Kennedy’s school is way fun! I wish I could go there! It’s fun that Nathan and Mom get to go, too. I love helping out at Ethan’s school, too! I’ll have to tell his teacher some of the fun ideas your school had!

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