Halloween Week!

This last week was just one big party!  What a fun & busy week we’ve had!

Monday, the parties started with dance.  Kennedy got to wear her costume to dance in, and then there was a little party at the end.  This is always something that she looks forward to, and this year was no different!

Tuesday, we had our church’s chili cook-off, and trunk or treat party.  Kennedy won a ribbon, and a huge lollipop for her costume.  I didn’t disagree.  I thought she was the cutest ladybug I’ve ever seen!  Nathan loved the excitement, but really wasn’t quite sure what was going on. However, it didn’t take him long to figured out that his dragon costume was pretty neat.   He started to be so goofy, and walked like Godzilla. Boom, boom, boom!  People would laugh, and it would egg him on.  He was being such a ham.

Wednesday, we had mutual.  Since I was in charge, the kids got to come along.  Kennedy loved it  until she stuck her cute pumpkin shirt in glitter glue.  She was humiliated, and burst into tears.  The girls all were so sweet,  and tried to make it seem like no big deal. A few suckers later, hyped up on sugar, and she was fine.  That made for a good nights sleep!

Thursday, I turned 29.  Wow, that’s getting old!  Kennedy thought it was SO neat that I was turning 29 on the 29th!  She sang happy birthday, and other birthday songs to me all day.  She made up lots of cute songs, and  she even made me a pumpkin for my present.  She offered to pay take me somewhere for a birthday lunch, but  we opted for a quiet day at home. We played, and made halloween cookies to put my candle in.  Kennedy wanted me to make a fancy cake, but I knew it would either go to waste, or I would have to eat it all!  I opened a couple presents from my parents, and in-laws.  Thank you everyone for all the phone calls too!  Kennedy thought I was VERY popular!  It was a good day all in all.  Kind of a different birthday I’ll admit, but I definitely felt loved!

Friday, Kennedy had her school party.  The day started off with a costume parade.  After parading around a few times, each kid got go up on the stage and tell what they were.  The said the pledge, and sang a few halloween songs for the parents and grandparents that were there.  After the parade, I was able to stay and help with the trunk-or-treat.  Nathan and I decorated the trunk of the car, and handed out sweets to all the kids.  While I was distracted with cute kids, Nathan snuck his first sucker!  He enjoyed it very much, and was not happy when it was done.  After the trunk-or-treat, I was able to help set up for Kennedy’s class party.  The kids had picked their foods, and were all VERY enthusiastic!  It was fun to be a part of all the excitement.  Nathan wished he was old enough to sit right at the table and chow down with them.  It was funny to watch the little boys argue about who got to sit by Kennedy.  I guess this happens everyday at snack time according to the teacher!    After school, Kennedy had a friend party to go to, so she got dressed up again, and played most the afternoon!  She was warn out by the end of the day, and so was I.

Saturday, the kids and I were invited to another friend’s party.  We had lots of fun, food, and good company.  Later, after we were all stuffed on seafood, and other festive yummies (I brought spider web 7-layer dip and chips), we went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood together.  Kennedy enjoyed going out with the other girls.  She also made haul in the candy department.  Nathan didn’t do so bad from the stroller either.  He came away with a glow necklace, glow sticks, toothbrush, and a whole sleeve of unopened Ritz crackers!  When you’re that cute, what do you expect!  It was a great night, and we made lots of fun memories.  Now, we have WAY too much candy!

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  • Grandmama

    What a lot of fun pictures! The costumes were adorable! What a beautiful lady bug and the dragon was very fitting somehow! Your bean dip looked so cute – and the cookies too! I loved seeing a picture of Kai (more recognizable from your description than Kennedy’s :))! I bet our party girl was in her glory all week long. Her enthusiasm is so wonderful … if exhausting at times. Looks like it was definitely a Happy Halloween at your house.

  • roberta inglet

    Wow, what a fun week. Did you make those adorable costumes. Your cookies looked so good, but I couldn’t find the dip, that your mom sees. You are one amazing women. Lots of fun in Florida, we are bundled up in coats. Love ya, Mama Inglet

  • Wendi

    How fun! Glad you had such a great week. And happy late birthday!!

  • katie

    Wow! You guys were total party animals. I’m sure Kennedy loved every minute of it, except of course the glitter glue on her shirt. 🙂 A little like her mommy, huh?! The kids look adorable? Is Kennedy’s costume Gymboree… way too cute!

  • Beth

    Soo cute. I love their costumes. Godzilla, so funny. Oh and of course the boys fight to sit by Kennedy. She’s adorable! Watch out!

  • Suzy

    Wow!! What a jam packed week!! The dip looks SO yummy, and the costumes were SUPER cute…everything looked picture perfect! Kennedy looked like she was in seventh heaven with so much to keep her busy!

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