Enjoying a little cool down!

Fall in Florida is an interesting thing.  The thermostat is usually still screaming for those capris and summer wear.   However, once in awhile the temperature can do a little cool dip.  We went from VERY hot with 100% humidity, to much cooler and hardly any humidity.  I felt so dried out! My Mom laughed at me when I told her we were freezing and in the 70’s.  The cooler weather came this last week and so I pulled out a few warmer clothes and took the chance to take some “Fall” pictures.  Midway through the week it was cooler in the morning, but by afternoon we were ready to shed all the clothes!   We had a few nice rain showers too.  I’m not really sure you can consider Fall a real season in Florida.  It is definitely difficult from a wardrobe standpoint!  Kennedy was ready to hop back in the pool by the end of the week, but that’s just how October goes!




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  • Grandmama

    What a cute little guy! Dad and I spent a while raking up leaves today! Fall is definitely here!!

  • Tara

    What great pictures! I think our climate is very similar- but you might be a little warmer. It hasn’t been warm enough to swim here. You’re right about the wardrobe challenge- layers are the way to go!

  • Mr. Handsome pants for sure!

  • katie

    I swear you do all of these posts about how “Cold” it is just to torture all of us that are actually cold. But that is a cute little boy in his sweater for sure!

  • Colleen

    Nathan is so handsome! The fall colors here are wonderful. We raked leaves yesterday and put them in orange bags that look like pumpkins. The back yard still has a mountain leaves that we piled up and put the mini-tramp beside it and the girls jumped into the middle of them. It was so fun we couldn’t bring ourselves to throw the leaves away yet.

  • Suzy

    It’s still gorgeous, even without the fall colors! When you go through such extremes in such a short time, it is rough! We get that here! The pictures turned out incredibly! Of course you have such a gorgeous guy to photograph!

  • Beth

    Great pictures! He is so cute!

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