Blood, Guts, and Pumpkin Seeds


Sounds yummy right??

Yesterday afternoon Kennedy wanted to carve our pumpkin.  So, that’s just what we did. Well, and I cut the tip of my finger off while I was at it!

Kennedy told me just how she wanted our pumpkin to look.  Not too scary, not too cute, just kind of silly.  She enthusiastically scraped the guts of the pumpkin out, and enjoyed every mushy handful.  We discussed that the knife was much too sharp for her to carve. After much protest, I convinced her that 5 was old, but not quite old enough to carve the pumpkin. We agreed that after I cut, I would let her know when it was safe to reach in and pull out all the scraps.


Everything was going smoothly until Nathan ran out of food.  Yes, I trapped him in his high chair so I would know just what he was up to.  I was just finishing the pumpkin, and he went ballistic.  I got distracted, and (SLICE) off came the tip of my finger. I cut through the nail bed at an angle from the middle of my finger to the left corner.  OUCH!  Blood was squirting out, and it was pooling everywhere.  I quick grabbed a napkin and went to the bathroom to clean off the wound.  I kept it elevated and compressed with ice on it for 30 minutes.  When it was still rapidly bleeding through all the layers of gauze, I called my Father-in-law for his advice.  He told me to keep doing what I was doing, and to add some coban for extra compression.  Nathan was freaking out, and so I called my friend down the street to come help me wrap my finger up really well.  It’s tough to wrap it properly all by yourself!   She came to my rescue, and brought her husband too.  They helped me out, and played with the kids .  She even did the dishes that I hadn’t gotten to from dinner!  I was a little embarrassed!   After hanging out with us for 2 hours with my finger compressed (I bruised my thumb and palm as you can see), above my head, and on ice, it was still oozing out of the gauze and coban onto my ice pack.  They talked me into going to the ER.  I was hesitant.  I figured I was doing everything I could, and there really wasn’t anything left to stitch back on.  I wasn’t sure there was anything they could do, but I was getting very shaky.  My finger was bleeding so much that I couldn’t really see the damage, and I lost the piece of my finger, and nail in the pumpkin mess.  I figured it was better now (7pm) than even later. So, her husband stayed with the kids, and we headed to base.   2 hours later they had my finger wrapped up nice, and had given me a tetanus shot.  I was very shaky, and they told me that I would probably still shake for awhile considering I had lost a piece of my body!  Thanks!


When I got home, the kids were tucked into bed.  Anyway, probably too many details.  My advice is, don’t take your thumbs for granted!  You don’t realize how much you use them until you can’t!  As I was kissing Kennedy goodnight, She said to me, “Mom,  obviously you aren’t old enough to carve the pumpkin either!”  She was thrilled to go to school this morning so she could tell everyone how I cut my finger off!
I’m glad something good came of this!


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  • Great post! Why am I not surprised that this happened? I love how Kennedy has a classic quote for every one of your mishaps. Hopefully the Hensleys were able to hide all the knives in the house while you were at the ER 🙂 I’m guessing this is one pumpkin carving Kennedy won’t forget. Hope your finger gets feeling better soon.

  • katie

    Oh Nat! You do have your fair share of troubles lately. I’m pretty sure it’s time you get your husband back. 🙂

    P.S. That was Halle’s Ralph Lauren bunting I found brand new on ebay last spring … still had the 85 dollar tag on – I paid 35 with shipping. It’s all lined with this super cute quilted floral flannel and the buttons are even stitched on with little embroidery rose – So cute! But the Janie and Jack stuff is all adorable too – they do all the extra little details so well. Wish I was rich enough to buy everything cute there. 🙂

  • Oh yikes, I feel sympathetic queaziness for you.

  • Shanna

    What a nightmare! I was talking to my mom when you were to talking to my dad, and I was hoping and praying that your finger would stop bleeding soon. That is a long time to have your finger bleeding! I hope it heals up quick. At least your pumpkin turned out really cute:) Maybe someday you’ll be old enough to carve a pumpkin:)

  • Beth

    Holy Cow! That’s crazy! Thank goodness it wasn’t worse. And the pumpkin looks really cute. Nice job there…

  • Grandmama

    Wow- well the good news is you were right… 5 isn’t old enough to carve the pumpkin, since apparently 28 isn’t either. Guess you should have waited until after your birthday!!
    Thank goodness for Dr. Charlie and all the great medical advice he has dispensed to you! It all started before you and Bri even got married with sprained ankles, concussions, fingers got in the Kitchenaid, etc., etc. I guess nothing really surprises him now!!! Thanks for trying to keep our daughter in one piece ! We sure do appreciate it! 🙂
    It is a really cute pumpkin though! Just tell yourself that every time your thumb throbs! XXOO

  • Oh my goodness! I’m glad you got some help, and hope your thumb is healing up. That’s really going above and beyond the call of Mom duty when you add real blood to make Halloween even more exciting. 🙂

  • roberta inglet

    Wow, you are probably getting more excitement in Florida, than Bri is in Iraq. Well, that is one cute pumpkin. Think of the great family history story this will make for your great grandchildren. HAHAHA. I hope you will be feeling better soon. Take care of all 10 fingers and 10 toes. Love, Mama Inglet

  • Lyana

    That’s horrible! I cannot even imagine! I am so glad you are okay and that your neighbours came to the rescue.
    And of course, Kennedy has a very good sense of humor-hahaha.

  • Colleen

    Hi Nat,
    You always go the extra mile but real blood was not necessary to make this pumpkin memorable. Just kidding. We hope you heal fast. I remember how quickly you healed from the bread maker entanglement. I put my arm through a school window as my class of 30 first graders lined up to evacuate the building for a fire drill. It was a little too much drama even though I tried to act like nothing happened. Washing dishes was difficult. But when I washed my hair I felt like a one armed paper hanger. I can’t imagine taking care of 2 little ones by myself. I wish we could help. I just want to squeeze those cute kids. We took Brianna for a Grandma and Grandpa date yesterday, it was so much fun. We look forward to those fun times with Kennedy and Nathan.

  • Tara

    WOW! Looks like it was worth it- that’s a great pumpkin!! 🙂 I’m sorry this happened but what a great story! One you’ll be retelling to your grandkids in years to come!

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