Bad News….

I went to the eye Dr. the other day, and she told me I couldn’t wear my contacts anymore.  I am majorly bummed.   I guess my eyes are seriously malnourished. I’m on 6 medications for my eyes right now. It’s pretty ridiculous! A few posts ago, you saw the state of my current glasses.  This just wouldn’t do, so I broke down and bought new glasses. It killed me to spend so much on something I hate so much. Then to add salt to the wound, they told me that I was so blind it would cost me more. Basically there’s a blind bat fee!  Thanks! I am already really dreading this.

I went in and picked out new glasses on Tuesday.  Still hating life.  Then today, the girls at the office called me and told me that my glasses were in and I could come try them on before they coated the lenses.  For those of you that don’t know… I am blind!  Seriously.  -10.75 in my right eye and -12.50 in my left eye. So, here’s a picture of me in my new glasses….
Not really, but the girls at the Dr. office thought it looked totally like me and these glasses look almost like mine. What do you think??? Twin??? You can bet she’s not blind though. She probably doesn’t even have a prescription in hers! Oh well, I will just have to get used to this. They thought it was crazy how much she looked like me! I am not sure if I will ever post a picture of me again. Okay, maybe if I really look like this girl!

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  • Grandmama

    ARE YOU SURE YOU HAVEN’T BEEN SECRETLY DOING SOME MODELING ON THE SIDE? That is wild !! Only thing missing is a few key freckles. 🙂 You know which ones I’m talking about! I think you will look cute in yours too!! Can’t wait to see. 🙂 Love you!!

  • Tiffany

    I am not convinced that that is a different person. You are truely just as beautiful as her. I have been a single Mom this week and I don’t like it!!!! I feel for you my friend. You are simply amazing!!!!!

  • roberta inglet

    I totally disagree with all of the above, to me you are MUCH CUTER. She is ok, but you are a knock out. You do look very much alike, so she is going to be so jealous of how pretty you are.
    I think the glasses are really cute. Hey just think, you won’t have to stand in front of the mirror on those mornings that you didn’t get enough sleep, trying endlessly to get the darn contacts to go in. You will just have to put those cute glasses on, put your beautiful long hair in a ponytail, and you and Nathan can go out jogging while are little destroying angel is off to school. Have fun, relax, you look great!!!!

  • Colleen

    Totally cute! You have more beautiful eyes and even a lovelier smile! I think you will like the glasses. No fuss! Well, a few baby hand prints but they are cute too. I’m contemplating glasses so I don’t have to find my reading glasses all the time. What a pain!!! I’ll say it . I’m vain and I can’t imagine wearing glasses all the time. I hope you can find an expert to do lasik surgery. Then you could be glasses free until you get my age and have to read the little print in newspapers!!!

  • Suzy

    Seriously, I did like a quintuple take! You look a lot like her! But I agree with your mom- in- law about the eyes and smile. Oh, Nat you are one of the most genuinely, naturally beautiful people I know, inside and out. I bet you’ll look just as good, if not cuter in your glasses. I’m looking forward to seeing you in them! I’m also looking forward to no glasses or contacts needed in our resurrected bodies!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (love Jared)

  • At first glance I did think that she looked like you, that is a little strange. I know I live in my contacts and glasses…couldn’t get very far without them. I’m sure you will look great with your new glasses!

  • katie

    Seriously, you are my sister and I was a little confused at first… her smile is totally not yours, but everything else is way too similar. As for the glasses, I’m sure you look adorable! You know I got a new pair of glasses earlier this year and I find myself wearing them more and more. It’s just so much easier and more comfy. Is the no glasses diagnosis permanent or just to give your eyes a break for a while?

  • Shanna

    She does look very similar to you. Subtle differences, but she could be your twin:) Hey you could be a model! I like the new glasses. Can’t wait to see them on you. I’m sorry to hear you are having such a hard time with your eyes. I hope and pray they heal quickly. That sounds frustrating. I’m sure you will look just as cute as always with your new glasses.

  • I totaly had to do a double take. Wow, she really does look like you! I always wanted glasses growing up, then I got them. I’ve never had contacts, so I don’t know the difference. I’m sure you’ll get used to them soon. And you always look great, so no worries there!!

  • Lyana

    Oh, Natalie, I just have to say, I totally understand why you woulnd’t want glasses. I feel your pain. Every time I look at my Alex with glasses, I try to imagine what he looks like without them. His prescription is not as high as yours, but it is around +5 , so his eyes look much bigger behind glasses. But then I think about how much those glasses are helping, and I feel better. AND, they have sooooo many cute frames that you can choose for yourself! If the frames made Alex look more handsome, I was willing to pay the money (within reason, of course).
    In FWB, I had the best experience with Lenscrafters-excellent customer service. And the worst was at JC Penney–a pain to go there with kids for adjustments.
    I cannot wait to see you in your new glasses! And I hope your eyes feel a lot better. You will look beautiful no matter what you’ll wear:)

  • Tara

    She looks like she could be your sister!! Are you sure you don’t have a twin out there that your parents didn’t tell you about?! 🙂

    I’ve done some catching up on your life from most recent to latest so I saw the picture of you with your glasses and you look great! And I’m not just saying that! You should start modeling glasses!

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