Soaking up the sun!

After school, I asked Kennedy what she wanted to do, and she requested that we go to the park on Eglin AFB.  It’s a great playground, and they have a fun splash pad there too.  We enjoyed ourselves and kept ourselves cool!IMG_0354IMG_0323IMG_0404IMG_0381IMG_0410

Because we are party animals, we hadn’t had enough fun.   So, we headed to the beach after to catch some sun, sand, and waves.  We spent the evening there!  What a great end to the day!  We absolutely love living so close to the beach! Glad I can raise a couple of “beach bums” too!

IMG_5895 IMG_5875IMG_5887IMG_5873IMG_5863

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  • roberta inglet

    Ok, I am way jealous. What a place to live. I guess there is a few perks to being in the air force right? Hope they don’t send you to Alaska ever. I just doubt that polar bears are as much fun as the beach and a pool in your backyard. We pray for Brian every night and day.
    Love ya,
    Mama Inglet

  • Grandmama

    This beach bum is jealous too! We got our first snow this week! 🙁 Remind me why I live in Idaho? I love Nate’s baseball swimsuit – very cute!! Looks like you all had one fun day! We did too! 🙂 Go Cougars!!

  • I wish we were there hanging out on the beach with you! We really miss you guys, and miss being beach bums too.

  • katie

    Seriously…. fall is here followed by a post about splash parks and beach days! You’re just trying to torture us, huh?

  • Lyana

    You just had to post those pictures, didn’t you?:) Oh, how I miss the beach! Alex was with me looking at your pictures and he got so excited to see Kennedy and the splashpad! We won’t see those for awhile, that’s for sure.
    The beach looks great as ever…..

  • Colleen

    Grandma and I have been trying to sun ourselves on the deck each day for the past couple of months but you definitely have an advantage in Florida since the past few days we’ve had SNOW! It is only October!! Now that all the flowers are frost bitten and dead, we will have another month of warm. (we hope) I love Nathan’s cute big teeth. Does he just love everything? Brian loved water and dirt and toys , talking, kids, cats,balls… He loved EVERYTHING in a big way!. Kennedy always knows how to have fun. What a smile!!

  • Suzy

    Jared says “That looks FUN! ” I agree. Beach bumming in October? So lucky!

  • Tara

    Looks like the perfect October day! 🙂 You guys sure know how to have fun!

  • Shanna

    I want to be a beach bum, too! That sounds so nice and relaxing. You are so lucky!

  • Lyana

    Alex calls those sprinklers at Eglin–the CARWASH:)–the ones where you have to run through them.

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