Cutest Scriptorian EVER!

It seems that Kennedy’s turn in Primary comes up a lot.  We don’t really mind, but I am always amazed because we have a large primary!   Sunday was her turn to give a scripture (specified by the leaders).  She wanted to memorize another scripture, and she did!  I am happy that she is developing a love for the scriptures already!  The primary program is coming up in about a month.  I am looking forward to seeing that.  She doesn’t have a part yet, but I was remembering that I missed it last year.  I had just had Nathan and was not able to be there last year.  I am excited to see what they come up with.  Kennedy’s been singing all the songs around the house all day.  Lately she’s been making up new verses for them also.  Actually, some of them are VERY good!  She’s quite the little rhymer too!

P.S. Please excuse the Nathan attack you can hear at the end!  He crawled up on me and kept grabbing for the camera and scratching it with his nails.  He was enthralled with the little mini  TV screen.  The boy and his electronics!

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  • Grandmama

    She’s impressive! I think Bri wrote a song that impressed you – if I remember correctly 🙂 Tee Hee! I love that shiny little face!

  • Suzy

    She never ceases to amaze me! I did hear that she enjoys playing church, and speaks the language of the scriptures very well already! Maybe song writing is in the genes :)…Primary is truly inspired!

  • Colleen

    Kennedy, I love the scriptures. When I hear you recite them, I feel warm inside. I can hear your cute singing in my mind. I’m glad you get to have a Primary program soon. We love you!! Keep singing. I’m singing with a group called Choralaires and we are practicing a lot of Christmas songs. There are some I want to send to you for Christmas listening.

  • Tara

    She is one amazing little girl! I’m excited to hear about the Primary Program! I can’t wait for ours to be over! (I’m in charge this year.) Give lots of hugs & kisses to those cuties for us!

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