Peek into the past!

I found this clip on the computer today and thought it would be fun to post.  Hope you enjoy a glimpse into our past!  This video was taken in May 2007!  In a previous video clip, Kennedy explained she was putting on makeup!

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  • Sheri

    You guys are so cool… I don’t know if I would have been laughing at that if it was Maddy! You inspire me to lighten up! She is so cute!

  • Grandmama

    What a hoot! That was a good laugh! She has always been so entertaining! I think her make – up application skills are slowly improving.? 🙂

  • roberta inglet

    ok, this proves it. She has always been so funny. It was good to hear Brian’s voice too.

  • Are you sure we got all of the chocolate out of her little nose? Oh, she is such a silly girl!

  • Colleen

    I have never seen this video but it still brings back lots of Kennedy memories. She has really grown up since then. Kennedy would have loved Grandpa Call’s Surprise Silly Sixty Birthday Party. We love her silly laugh! I loved hearing Brian’s voice. I feel like making a count down chain. We are so excited for him to reunite with his family. ( And eventually us too!)

  • Suzy

    Jared says, “That was really silly! My cousin!”Lol!!

  • Shanna

    What a hoot! She is one cute girl. That made me laugh out loud!

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