Saturday’s crushing loss!

IMG_0168We are still trying to recover from the BYU game!  We are BIG fans at our house.  In fact, Kennedy is pretty sure BYU’s loss is her fault.  She said this since she’s grown out of her cheerleading outfit and couldn’t wear it.  She told me on the way to church, “Mom, I don’t like it when BYU breaks my heart.”  Her Dad would be so proud!  We must be doing something right!  Nathan tried to add to the BYU spirit (don’t be mad Dad), but obviously it’s not the same as Kennedy.  She’s pretty sure she’s BYU’s lucky charm!  Maybe, she’s right!  Better get looking for a new outfit!


On a happier note, her smile helps me feel better!


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  • Colleen

    Nathan’s face is just hilarious! Charlie and I were not big sport fans but Brian had the effect on us too! We turned into BYU nuts. Man he used to hate it when BYU lost!
    The blue dresses are beautiful. You look like Dorothy in Wizard of OZ. If the BYU team could see Kennedy in her cute blue dress they would know she is still their Good Luck Charm.

  • So cute! I can’t wait to see your cute family in a few months! Your hair looks pretty long and “short”. I like your layers. I loved seeing the pictures of Brian too. That is really cool. I can’t wait to hear all about it! Sounds like you guys are having fun! Hugs and Kisses to everyone! Jules

  • suzy

    Maybe you should wait until she gets her hubby out of her hair for the day, and then go shopping for a new cheerleading outfit :)! Nathan’s expression in the first picture just cracks me up! He is so animated! I think BYU is very lucky to have the devotion of such dedicated fans!

  • I think I laughed for an hour straight when I saw Nathan’s “how will we ever get over this loss” face. That’s got to be one of the best crazy faces I’ve seen in a long time. Kennedy’s dresses are beautiful, but her smile is priceless. Only slightly photogenic…. As for dressing Nate up in a build-a-bear cheerleading outfit, I’m speechless. Daddy will be home soon.

  • katie

    I too love Nathan’s face – that just makes me laugh. And Kennedy and Chris should be together – he’s heartbroken too! Why do we get so emotionally involved?!

  • The picture of Nathan in the cheerleader dress is exactly what I needed this morning this grey morning.

  • Grandmama

    Okay – so your site ate my comment I left last night again!! And it was a long one – maybe too long!?

  • Grandmama

    New comment – everything about this post was very amusing! Bri- I definitely think we need to be finding a football jersey for Nate! Don’t ‘ya think? Yikes!!

  • Sheri

    Best post I have read today! Love the pictures. Aren’t little boys the best? And HOW do you get her hair so curly and beautiful? I just can’t get maddy’s to do that.

  • Shanna

    I love Nathan’s cute little face! What a spunky little guy! Kennedy’s smile is pretty great too:) We were sad about the loss on Saturday. We were there (Brad talked me into the all sport passes) and we actually left a little early because it wasn’t too fun to watch them get creamed like that. Hopefully the game this week goes a lot better. Keep the cutie-pie pictures comin! We love them and they brighten our day. I even have to show my co-workers because they are so darn cute!

    • Shanna – Glad you guys sprung for the All Sports Pass. Even if BYU loses every game for the rest of the year at home you’ll still have some awesome memories from going to the games. BYU wasn’t all that great when we had season tickets (two years with Gary Crowton), but I still remember walking over to the stadium after class, way before almost anyone else was in the stadium, and studying for an hour or two in the stands (or eating pizza when they let you bring it in) until Natalie showed up from work. And then we’d just go crazy for a couple of hours with the rest of the rabid BYU fans. Basketball games are tons of fun too!!

  • roberta inglet

    Ok, you better pack her up and send her this weekend for the next game. I am good friends with the Richardson boys and so maybe I can get her an autograph. Wow, Nathan’s face should make any BYU player, a little sad. WOw, what a face. Your kids crack me up. When are you coming to Idaho so I can meet these kids in person. Great post. Her dress is beautiful and she sure looks like her mommy. Love, Mama Inglet.

  • Tara

    What a face! That’s priceless! Yeah, we pretty much stayed out of Jer’s way that terrible night! Did you make Kennedy’s dresses? Those are so cute! We’re glad to hear Bri will be home soon!

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