Preschool is AWESOME!


This last week was very fun and busy!  I worked at the school several days this week volunteering for the courtyard activities that the kids had.  I really enjoyed getting to see how Kennedy operated in that setting and see her schedule a little bit.  It was nice to have the time to chat with the teachers and get to know them better also.  It was fun to put faces with the names of stories she’s been telling me.  Here’s one of my favorite this week:

In a previous post I mentioned a little boy that dumped sand on Kennedy’s head everyday.  Simply put, she wasn’t enjoying that.  She took my advice and invited him to play with her.  She told me, “Mom, it worked!  I let him be my husband. Then, I can send him to work and get him out of my hair!”  It was all I could do to not die from laughter.  She cracks me up!  I have NO idea where she learned that!

The courtyard activities were centered around the theme, “All About Me!”  They did lots of craft projects and paint projects.  There were other fun activities mixed in there too.  The kids got to play at a water table, blow bubbles, and play with chalk.  You get the idea.  The other day was PURPLE day!  Kennedy’s favorite colors is purple (mine too).  Pink comes in second for both of us!  So, Kennedy came home thrilled and wanted to make a purple cake!  Since I love chocolate, I was game! Then she had to wear her purple silk pajamas and slippers to bed; of course.  Seriously, this preschool stuff is AWESOME!  It’s been fun to let her do her thing at school, and then come home.   We talk about it, and  then continue the fun!



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  • roberta inglet

    Ok, this little girl is something else. She has got the marriage routine down pretty good. She will learn soon enough, that after she sends them off to work, we go SHOPPING. She will do that just fine. What a cutie. I am glad she is loving pre-school, but are you going to be able to send her off to Kindergarten. She will be running the place within a month. I bet the teachers just laugh and laugh. So cute. Thanks for posting, you make me laugh. I love looking at your website.

  • Grandmama

    That was the best laugh I have had in some time! She is such an interesting child! Your purple cake looks so yummy!! I love the purple silk jammies and I totally wish I could “kiss her”!!! (and you and Nate Nate too!)

  • Tara

    That is so hilarious about sending her husband off to work to get him out of her hair! Priceless! (You should send that one off to Readers Digest.) Sounds like preschool suits her great!

  • Colleen

    Preschool is my favorite too, Kennedy. I loved teaching children this age because everything is so exciting! I’m glad you have opportunities to help at her school. I loved to have parents come to help. Have another fun week! We love you sooo much!

  • suzy

    Lol! In a million years I wouldn’t have been able to come up with something that clever! Your purple cake is making me hungry. What a fun preschool!

  • katie

    Oh, that girl is too cute! And so funny! I just want to give her a big hug and a kiss.

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