Sorry for the confusion..

Brian got me my own web domain for an anniversary present (8/24). I know we are such geeks.  I am loving it. I made the switch over almost a month ago I think…I could be wrong!  It allows me to do a lot more.  I have more plans for the blog, I just haven’t found time to do it all.  Hope you all continue to keep up with us and what we are doing!    I don’t have anything against blogger or anything.  I’ve been accused of being “too good for blogger”.  That’s not the case!!!

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  • katie

    And I hope you know I was just teasing! I love the new website. It’s super cute and I love all of the extra features.

  • Of course I know you were teasing!!! Only you could get away with that!!! It’s good to be Queen Katie, right!? Just teasing you! ;o)

  • Colleen

    I love the new web site. I was showing Maylie and Brianna the blog on Monday night and they wanted to see MORE pictures of Kennedy. (they loved all the videos!) I happened to see the tag on the right side for Kennedy and it was so cool to see all the pictures. Then they wanted to see all of Nathan. Thanks for the great job keeping us in touch with you and the sweethearts, Brian too!

  • suzy

    I’m super impressed with your computer savvy!

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