Didn’t see that adventure coming!!!!


Today started out rather calm.  Preschool, lunch, and lots of playing!  Little did I know, things were about to get VERY exciting!  The mailman came, so the kids and I ran out to the mailbox barefooted.  As we were walking out the door Kennedy ran back in and locked the door.  I didn’t realize this until we were trying to get back in.  I said to Kennedy, “Did you lock the door?”  She replied, “Yes Mom, you forgot. Silly you!”  So helpful!  We didn’t have the keys, my cell phone, or our shoes!  The key-less entry into our house stopped working, of course!  Since we mostly live by elderly people that can’t drive, the kids and I decided to truck on down to the end of the street to my friends house.
However, about 3 houses down there was MAJOR commotion.  Cops, people in chemical suits, and gas masks.  Apparently, they had made a major Meth lab bust.  Great!  Now for all of you that are thinking we live in the ghetto,  WE DON’T.  We live in a nice, well established neighborhood.  Exciting, I’ll admit. You never know, your neighbors might have a meth lab too! I am VERY grateful that they got caught.  The people have only lived there for about a month.  It’s pretty sad considering that they have at least 4 small children living in that house.

We continued down to my friend’s house.  She let me call to get a key, but she was without a car.  She called her husband at work and he said he would swing past the reality on his way home.  In the mean time, the kids and I hung out and chatted for the next 2 hours.  It was nice to chat, but I was getting worried because I had mutual tonight.  I had planned to cook a yummy dinner, but the time left only allowed for frozen burritos!  Life goes on! Couldn’t let things get too boring here!

Kennedy painting her little ladybug she named Lilly.

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  • Grandmama

    Wow!! What an exciting day! No wonder you weren’t answering your phone today :)! Kennedy is such a good little helper – Grandma needs her to help me remember things ‘cuz I truly do forget!! Nate looks like he is getting much more confident in his walking skills. So cute! He looks like such a little boy!!

  • Suzy Hatt

    Ah, man! I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of our neighbors had meth labs, unfortunately… but I’m glad that that adventure got all sorted out! I love your website!

  • Brian

    Sounds like that was one adventurous trip to the mailbox. Kennedy must be learning lots of great things at school, like how to be cautious and helpful. At least it wasn’t pouring rain outside as well.

    • roberta inglet

      Funny comment Brian. Yes, but here in Idaho, it would of been snowing. That little girl never stops to amaze me. These are the things you will look back and laugh at. HAHAHA. Isn’t it nice you had a good friend that was home.

  • katie

    Oh man! What a day! And what a great helper.

    It reminds me of a few too many times that I got locked out of my apartment in Orem. Glad you were there to rescue me then.

  • Colleen

    Kennedy, your lady bug looks cute! Lilly is a fun lady bug that has lots of adventures. Thanks for the phone call. I’m glad you liked the pioneer Barbie outfit. We will have to talk again when I’m not in a noisy place! Give Nathan big hugs! He looks like he’s grown 3 inches since we were there. He is so darling!!! The picture of him carrying the shoe reminded me of Brian when he learned to walk, I would hook a make-up bag over his arm and he would walk all around jabbering something. At least it would keep him busy while I got my make-up on!

  • Tara

    Kennedy looks so big in that picture! What another exciting adventure! Reminds me of the time that Ethan locked Dallas and I out of the house when Ethan was about 2. He ran in ahead of us and slammed and locked the door. Then he couldn’t get it back open. Boy, did he freak out! After 15 minutes of trying to talk him through unlocking the door we had to call Jer to come home from work and let us in. Now we look back and laugh 🙂

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