Our little Patriotic Princess!

This one is for you Daddy and all those men and women away from home serving with you too!  We love you and miss you! Hurry home safe and sound! Hugs and smoochies!

I think that our family has learned a lot from this deployment.  I realized that I can do just about anything if I have to, but only if I HAVE to.  Brian laughs and says, “This is the girl that hated to return things to the store??”  It’s true!  I always got really nervous when I had to.  It didn’t matter what it was, or why I was returning it.  I realized I am a lot stronger than I thought I was.  I won’t deny that this has been tough, but I think that our family has grown a lot from it in many positive ways.  It was definitely an adjustment for everyone.  We are so excited to say that we are over the half way mark now! A few more months to go!  We can do it!  GO TEAM!

Sorry about the dark video.  Even though it is 2009, we don’t have lights in our dining area right now…that’s another story.  I don’t think I will go there!  Candle light dinners are romantic right? Oh wait, it’s just me and the kids !

As many of you know, I am in charge of the girl’s youth (12-18 years) program at our church.  We call it Young Women’s, and the Wednesday night activity is called mutual.  Since Brian is deployed, the kids get to tag along.  Kennedy loves it and looks forward to it each week.  In fact, she has memorized (pretty well) the Young Women’s theme.  She considers herself one of the girls and I don’t think they mind either! The wording isn’t perfect, but pretty close for a 4 year old I would say!  She knows it better than some of my girls!

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  • katie

    Way to go Kennedy! She does better than me – all those new parts they keep adding trip me up! 🙂 What a cutie!

  • roberta inglet

    ok, this is amazing. She is so darn cute. What a great thing for a little girl to be able to do. Brian has got to be so proud of all of you. You are my hero too, because I dont think I could of done it. You go girl. Love ya, Mama Inglet

  • You must be half way done, you really have that “we can do this” feeling 🙂
    Kennedy does so well with the theme! I always forget “virtue”.
    I missed your move over to your new site! It looks so good, and I am really glad to “hear” from you again.

  • Grandmama

    Very impressive Kennedy!! You are such a doll! We loved the dance in Daddy’s hat!!! So cute!! God bless the USA and Daddy!!!

  • Tara

    Kennedy is so talented! YEAH!! Half way through! You are amazing and you sure have been through some growing experiences! You and Jer are quite a bit a like- he doesn’t like returning things at the store either!

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