Kennedy’ First Day of Pre-School!


It’s official, my little girl is really growing up.  Kennedy had her first day of school on Monday and she LOVED every minute of it!   When we got to her classroom her teacher took our picture.  She planned to put them somewhere in the classroom that the kids could see if they were missing their Mom or Dad.  Then it was time to go.   Kennedy said, “Bye Mom, I love you!” and skipped right to her little chair without even a hesitation.  Most of the other children were clinging to their mother or father’s legs.  The parents had to peel their kid’s fingers off of them.  NOT my Kennedy.  After school I asked her about it, and she just said, “I wasn’t worried.  I knew you would come back for me!”  Kennedy’s day was filled with arts and crafts, reading stories, singing songs, playing musical instruments, eating snacks, and  playing lots with her new friends.

I went home to my extremely quiet home.  I think it was definitely harder on me than on her.  Nathan even seemed a little nervous about what was going on and why we were leaving Sissy. I was missing my little helper following me everywhere I went and chatting to me the ENTIRE time!  We were both very excited to see her after school and hear all about the fun. It’s amazing how much a part of me she is.  I am adjusting more and more each day!

Apparently, Kennedy has already made quite the impression on a little boy in her class.  He was there at the same time for the teacher’s open house.  Honestly, they didn’t play together much that day.  He was into the Legos, and Kennedy was in the kitchen making food for her babies.  However, I was visiting with his Mom while waiting to pick Kennedy up and his Mom said that he can’t stop talking about her.  He was so thrilled that she came up to him and said hi to him that first day.  When I asked Kennedy about this little boy, she informed me that he dumps sand in her hair everyday!  She went on to tell me how much she dislikes this because it wrecks her hair and her bows.  That’s my girl!  I explained that maybe he just wanted her attention.  I suggested that she try to include him in whatever she is doing.

Honestly, my experience has been that boys are just weird little creatures.  I remember a boy cutting the ties off of my favorite school dress, and vacuuming my hair because he “liked” me (at least that’s what my mom told me!).  Another boy stole one of my school pictures and kept it in his desk.  I was mortified.  I didn’t want people to think that I had given him the picture!  Oh, I could go on and on…just ask my mother!  In short, I couldn’t bring myself to tell Kennedy that this was just the beginning. Another day, another adventure!

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  • Grandmama

    I love this post! Brings back lots of memories! Somehow peace and quiet isn’t always all it is cracked up to be!!! At least this will all break you in gently for next year. Boys are weird little creatures? Are you kidding me?! Yes, you could write books about the weird little boys in your life!! Of course that doesn’t include you Bri!!! 🙂

  • katie

    OH, she looks adorable and I can just imagine how excited she was! And what’s with you getting all fancy on us – too good for blogger now, huh?!

  • Tara

    It’s already started, huh? Ethan got in trouble yesterday for playing kissy chase at recess! He said his teacher told him he can’t kiss girls until high school. I told him not until he’s married! I’m glad Kennedy is loving preschool. I understand what you are going through though. I sure miss Ethan and the absence of his constant jabber sure leaves a quiet void in our house!

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