A Few BIG Firsts!

On Friday, Kennedy and I got to go see Kennedy’s Pre-school classroom and meet her teacher Mrs. Rosofsky. In Florida, the state pays for all 4 year olds to go to a VPK program before kindergarten. Kennedy was very enthused to meet her teacher and anxious for Monday so she can go to school! She was very thrilled to see that Mrs. Rosofsky had an awesome kitchen and baby care center in her class. She should be set for a good time! I am still having mixed emotions. It’s hard to let my baby go and grow up so fast!

Million dollar smile


After stepping out into the HOT humid Florida weather. Kennedy didn’t hardly have a single curl left, but it made her feel special. That’s all that mattered!


As for other BIG firsts, Nathan stood up by himself in the middle of the room (for a significant amount of time) this afternoon. Of course I didn’t have my camera! Sniffle…sniffle!
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  • Janet

    Kennedy looked adorable to meet her teacher! Mrs. Rosofsky looks very nice – not exactly what I had pictured from your description so it was fun to see her picture! It seems like Kennedy has been waiting a long time to finally get to take her backpack to school!! 🙂 I bet the excitement level is high!!! As for Nate-Nate – way to go big boy!! Let the fun (or should I say trouble) begin!!!!

  • Amanda

    Hope Kennedy has a great year!

  • artmomma

    Have a great first day tomorrow Kennedy!
    Case says Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

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