When I grow up


I took Kennedy to the post office the other day to mail a package to Daddy and the postal worker there told Kennedy she was beautiful. Kennedy politely said thank you.The lady then said, “Are you going to be a model when you grow up?

Kennedy looked at her and said, “No, I’m going to be a Mom!

The lady giggled and said, “Man, you are going to have lots of boys after you. They will like that.

Kennedy told her, “They all can’t have me. Just one special guy like my Dad!”

I was beaming! At least she’s on the right track at the age of 4 right!?

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  • Erika and Jason

    Her and I would have been friends at the same age because that was what I wanted to be too! You sure are a good mom for her to want to be that!

  • Hatt family

    With a Mom like you, I can understand how she'd want to follow in your footsteps! But hearing your daughter say that is so exciting!

  • Janet

    That's so adorable – and yes her Daddy is one special guy! And she has one special Mom too!

  • Burke family

    Oh my gosh! That's the cutest thing ever! I love that sweet girl and wish I could give her a big hug!

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