A few words of wisdom from Kennedy

Kennedy was asked to do the scripture in Primary. We both decided that she could memorize it. She did a wonderful job in Primary and I have been wanting to record her with the video. She stated the 6th Article of Faith as an added bonus. Here she is for all of you to enjoy, but especially Daddy!
We made up hand signs to help her remember the order and she didn’t do them when she gave the scripture perfect in church. However, you all get to see them for your viewing pleasure!

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  • Burke family

    Way to go Kennedy! That was great!

  • Janet

    Fantastic!! We are very impressed and so proud of you! What a smart girl!!! Love, love , love you all! Nat playing in the toys in the background was an extra bonus!! 🙂

  • Brian

    Oh wow! That was amazing and too cute. I think you need to get her taped doing all the Articles of Faith.

    I see Nate's got himself a box of toys to play with now. Gotta keep that boy occupied. At least you know where he is…

  • Myers Family

    Amazing! Great job Kennedy!

  • Shanna

    That's adorable! Good job Kennedy! I'm so proud of you. I especially loved the cute facial expressions and hand signs:)

  • Tara

    Awesome! Kennedy, you are so smart! Those were hard ones, too!

  • callingallinglets

    Ok, I don't think you know this but I use to teach Shanna, Julie and BRIAN, singing. I had a very cute group called the "Moppets," then Peppermint girls, and finally the teenage group was "ShoBiz Entertainers." I don't have those groups anymore, but if I did I would definately want your daughter. WOW, am I impressed. I doubt that too many 4 year olds could do that. SHe is amazing. I wish you would come here to visit so I could meet her. Mama Inglet

  • Hatt family

    VERY impressive! Excellent job Kennedy!

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