Nathan’s First Haircut

I decided it was time to give Nathan his first haircut.
We had a combination of a baby mullet and Mohawk going. I’m afraid it was getting to be not such a great look! Okay, so it was not quite as extreme as this picture, but definitely not the hairdo of a future missionary!

I gave him some cheerios and wrestled him with scissors in hand.

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  • Shanna

    Oh, what a sweet little smile he has. He's growing up too quickly!

  • Brian

    Lucky thing that boy's man enough to wear a pink bib…

  • Janet

    NO!!! You are letting him grow up too fast! What a cutie!!

  • Hatt family

    First haircut, sniffle sniffle… he's a very handsome little guy.

  • Tara

    Those first haircuts are bittersweet! He sure is looking older!

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