Life at Aunt Chie’s

I thought I would post a few pictures from the time we were at my Aunt Chie’s house. We really enjoyed spend a few weeks with her, and it was a great chance to get to know each other better. She even took the time to teach Kennedy and I a little Japanese.

Aunt Chie’s birthday was on the 4th in America or the 5th in Japan. Kennedy and I decided to surprise Chie with a birthday cake. She was kind enough to share with us too! YUMMY!

My Aunt has a cockapoo named Twinkie. The kids fell in love. Kennedy LOVED to have someone she could order around and Nathan loved to crawl after Twinkie and bark at him. After barking, he would laugh hysterically at himself. It was too cute! It didn’t take Nathan too long to discover Twinkie’s water dish either. He thought it was his own personal splash pool. Luckily he never tried to drink from it! That would have been too much for me. Twinkie was equally curious about the kids and followed them everywhere. Twinkie even ate Nathan’s binkie! After 2 weeks with a dog, I know one things for sure- I would rather have another kid. I hated to pick up dog poo and take him potty.

The view from the bedroom we shared wasn’t too shabby either. I loved to watch the sunset each night. Unfortunately there weren’t any curtains up, so thanks to Kennedy I also got to watch the sunrise each morning too. Regardless, it was gorgeous! We were right on the water and could watch the boats and jet skis. We went out on the dock each day to feed the ducks and fish.

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  • Tara

    We love Aunt Chie, too! It looks like you were pretty much living in paradise (minus the dog poo) 🙂

  • Hatt family

    Sounds like a mini vacation! (With the exception of the doggie clean up, I'm with Tara):)

  • Janet

    Love you Chie!!! You are a lifesaver!!!

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