Our 4th of July Celebrations- better late than never!

This years festivities were a little more bitter sweet for our family. One of Brian’s favorite holidays is the 4th of July. He’s always been very patriotic and had very admirable aspirations. This 4th found him in Iraq. I’m sure it was a much different celebration for him. While the kids and I were watching the sky being lit up with pyrotechnic explosions, the men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan had to hope the sky there would stay void of any flashes or rockets. I certainly felt a flood of emotions and gratitude. The kids and I went to the base for the Sound of Freedom Celebration with our good buddies (who by the way got new orders and are moving. We are MAJORLY sad!). Unfortunately, the weather had other plans and we had quite the spectacular lightening storm instead. We did get to watch the cardboard boat regatta races and giggle at the fun there. One team even made a toilet. I wish I had a picture, but the JAGS just weren’t that creative. The fireworks were re-scheduled for the following night. We went to watch them on the beach with my Aunt. It was fun to spend time with her and we had moved in with her for the moment trying to figure out the mold situation.
On the 4th a couple in our ward invited us to dinner. We ate yummy food, went swimming and even thought the building was on fire (that’s a whole other story)! Then we watched the fireworks from the roof of their 16 floor building right on the water. It was beautiful. We could watch our fireworks and the surrounding 3 cities fireworks all at once. Our friends here have been so wonderful. They have been a great support to us.


Daddy, we love you and miss you. We are so grateful for the strong, faithful, and courageous man that you are. Thank you for all the hard work you do to take care of our family. We miss you TONS!
Say a special prayer for our men and women in uniform who are heavily engaged with the enemy. Freedom isn’t free. Happy 4th of July America!!
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  • Brian

    Next time why don't you wait until I flex and put my mean face on before you take the picture…:)

  • Natalie

    Come on….you KNOW it's hot!

  • Burke family

    Bri = You look pretty tough to me! Go get all of those bad guys for us. We love and pray for all of you!

  • Tara

    Thanks, Brian! We are so thankful for our freedoms and men like you. I think we take it for granted too often. You are in our prayers!

  • Hatt family

    Your family is such a strength to me! A father doing battle in a foreign land, and the rest of the family pressing forward, and supporting Brian!! Wow!! A family of heroes! Thank you for your sacrifices! I just had a thought…Your family reminds me of Captain Moroni and his family…especially when he is described in Alma 48:11-17! Love you guys!

  • Janet

    Love the pictures! I just don't know how the JAG boat could compete without the "Stormin' Mormons" !! We appreciate you too Bri!! You add a lot to our family!!

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