Turkey Creek

Kennedy was VERY bummed that her swim teacher canceled her lesson on Thursday, but we decided to not let that dampen our fun. We headed out to the local Turkey Creek. We had a nice walk and enjoyed dipping our toes in the creek to cool off. Grandpapa was too chicken to float down the river in float tubes! ;o) Just teasing. Mostly we decided that we didn’t want to risk being eaten by the mosquitoes. I personally KNOW I would have been eaten alive. For some reason…I am extra tasty to them! If there is even one mosquito, it will find me and suck my blood dry!

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  • Tara

    It's cause your so sweet, Natalie! What cute pictures- I like the one of Grandma. She looks like one of the kids!

  • Colleen

    That looks so fun. I just want to kiss those cheeks of Nathan.

  • Hatt family

    That's probably the only downside to being so sweet! Looks like it was a fun place to cool off!

  • Burke family

    Uh oh! Nathan's in a pink stroller with cherry sunglasses on. Let's hope Bri doesn't notice. 🙂

  • bc call

    Nathan looks like he's not sure about the pink stroller either. Kind of like, "Oh no! What will daddy think if he sees this picture?"

    Looks like lots of fun! Very sunny. And Nat, if I was a mosquito, you'd definitely be my first target:) So tasty…

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