A trip to the ZOO!

Friday we headed out to explore the animals at the zoo. It was a hot day, and we wondered why we bothered to take a shower, but we still had a great time. When we got home we soaked in the pool to cool off and headed out to Fudpuckers to visit Gator Beach and eat some dinner. The food was great and the Gators were interesting. I was told you couldn’t take pictures, but that was bad information. I was bummed I didn’t have my camera. We had a great day and were all exhausted from playing SO hard! I LOVE those kinds of days!

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  • Tara

    The boys said they wish they could have been there, too! What a fun zoo day!

  • Hatt family

    Looks like you still had a blast, despite the hot, sticky weather!It's amazing how after having children the zoo experience completely takes on a new dimension! So many parallel behaviors… 🙂 (perhaps, that only applies to my kids ;0) Did you get to see gators while you were eating?

  • Shanna

    What a fun day. That looks like a great zoo. I'm glad to hear that your doing all kinds of fun things with your family. You do know how to play hard:)

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