He’s crawling!!!

Well, “army” crawling anyway!!!
Nathan does get up on his hands and knees now, but he can’t seem to get them to move together like he needs. He either does the “army” crawl and pulls with his arms and drags the bottom half, or he pushes with his bum in the air and skids his head around. Yes, he’s an interesting child. I think I prefer the “army” crawl. I’m afraid he’s going to skid off what little hair he does have!! It’s been fun to watch him play and explore. I think he’s exploring the possiblilities of pulling himself up now. He scoots over to me and pulls up on me. He’s been scooting over to the table and trying to pull up on the legs to get to the table top. It’s pretty amusing to watch- at least for his mom! I think he’s a pretty determined little guy!
P.S. I posted 2 videos mostly for Daddy. The first one was just cute of our smiley boy, and the 2nd one he actually does a little “army” crawl. Obviously we have a little work to do! He is getting a little better each day!

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  • Janet

    Ohh! He is getting so close!! I love Kennedy’s commentary too!! So cute!

  • Shanna

    I love how he’s got his cute little feet kicking. He’s a pretty determined little guy! Thanks for sharing!

  • Tara

    Wow! He sure learned that fast! Better watch out- he’ll be walking soon! What a cutie!

  • Burke family

    Uh oh! Are you sure you want him on the move already?! I’d say he’s doing pretty well and he’s definitely determined. It won’t be long at all!

  • ~SHERI

    So close! He is so cute! I wish we were closer and our little guys could be buddies!

  • bc call

    That was awesome! He must know it’s a game, otherwise he’d get ticked by the unreachable moving pen. That’s pretty much how Kennedy got around too until she started walking.

  • Wendi

    What a little cutie!!

  • Erich

    Erich and I got such a good laugh out of the pic of Nathan eating/scwowling at the oatmeal! It has been quite the nightmare trying to get Jake to eat. He pretty much refuses to eat baby food of any form still. Maybe we’ll try sweet potatoes! It is so cute to watch Nathan try to crawl. Pretty soon here he’ll be all over.

  • Julie Arfmann

    Hey guys! I think I’ve fallen for Nathan too! I’m conjuring up all sorts of ideas for coming to see you guys! That is so cool that your brother and fam came to visit, how fun! We love you all! Love, Jules

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