Memorial Weekend

What a wonderful weekend we had. My brother and his darling and energetic family (2 boys- Ethan 5 and Dallas 3) visited us from Houston Texas. We were thrilled to have company. Kennedy and I made a trip to visit them in Dallas 2 years ago. It’s been WAY too long! It was fun for them all to meet Nathan also.

We had been having 90 degree weather and I was a bit (okay, a lot) bummed that the weather was forecasting rain storms for the whole time they would be visiting. Kennedy and I said MANY prayers for the sun to come out (even for just one day)!

Friday evening they all arrived and we ate homemade pizza and the kids had a great time running around and exploring the house and each other! The excitement hit an all time high! Kennedy had anticipated their arrival all day. She was just sure that they had forgotten to come because it was taking them SOOOO long to get here. Luckily they made it through the storms, traffic, a few hundred accidents, and only one critical navigational mistake!

Saturday morning we decided to head up to the AF Armament Museum. The kids seemed to enjoy it, and it got us all out of the house. The rain was crazy and we all got VERY wet! We went home and had some lunch. We were all pleasantly surprised when the sun came out that afternoon, so we all packed up and rushed to the beach. We were afraid it would be our only chance. Thankfully Monday was perfect weather and a beautiful day too! The kids had so much fun digging in the sand and carrying water back and forth. Since it was a red flag day and the water was pretty rough, we didn’t go in too far. That evening Jeremey and Tara were sweet enough to take us out to eat. I quickly found out that the boys are both NASCAR fans! These guys are ALL BOY!!

It was nice to have someone to sit with at church on Sunday, and Tara was a sweetheart and helped out a lot with Nathan while I was fulfilling my calling in Young Womens. We ran into my Aunt Chie there at church and invited her over for some yummy Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner. We enjoyed chatting and took a nice walk after dinner. When we came home we topped off the walk with a big piece of chocolate banana cake (yes,Tara I will send you the recipe). YUM!

Monday morning we packed up a picnic lunch and head to the beach for most the day. We used a LOT of sunscreen and lathered up multiple times. I thought we did pretty good not frying ourselves considering how long we stayed out. Well, that is except around the kids eyes. They all looked like little racoons. Especially poor Ethan. He didn’t mind one bit. He was too busy collecting Coquina Clams to care. He was really sad when his mom told him that they couldn’t take his whole bucket full of them home for pets. We built sand fortresses around Nathan, sandcastles (Aunt Tara had some pretty sweet skills!), and even a sand fish and a few turtles. Nathan had a great time sitting right at the waters edge. We buried his toes in sand and he would smile and giggle as he wiggled his little piggies free. He only ate the sand a few times before he figured out it wasn’t too tasty! Occasionally he would forget and try to suck on his sandy fingers and fist. He would then be disgusted with what he found. It was pretty cute to watch. Monday night we had Family Home Evening (FHE) sand songs, went on a crocodile hunt (lesson on spiritual crocodiles), and ate crocodile mud (rocky rode ice cream) for treats. Kennedy loved scriptures, stories, and prayers with the boys each night.

Tuesday we were really sad to see them all go. Kennedy cried, and I have to admit I felt a little abandoned too! We had a really great time. I loved the late night chats and movies after the kids were in bed. I have really missed having company in the evenings. That’s been one of the hardest parts for me while Brian is gone. However, I won’t miss the competition between the kids each morning to see who woke up the earliest. Okay, maybe just a little! ;o) Lets not wait 2 years to do it again! Okay???

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  • Janet

    You know that makes us wish we had been there too – oh except for that part about who could wake up the earliest :)! Those beach pictures with the beautiful white sugar sand beaches is making me very anxious for our turn at the beach!! Get the sunscreen and beach towels ready!!

  • Tara

    Yeah, that was so fun!! It was so good to see you and the kiddos!! It went by way too fast!!

  • Tara

    Thanks again for such a fun weekend! We were sad to go, too and miss y’all already! You got some really great pictures! And yeah- don’t forget the recipes!

  • Burke family

    Oh… I am so jealous! Wish I could have been there to play with you all too. And I wish I could keep you company on your lonely nights… I have quite a few of those these days too – but nothing like you – just wish we could be together! 🙂 Love you!

  • Hatt family

    This afternoon Makayla was trying to explain to Malia what jealous means. I'm definitely jealous! Those are some fun pictures of gorgeous beach and people! Malia was asking the other day, are Grandma and Grandpa in Florida? I said I don't think they are yet. But pretty soon. Then she said I wish we could go with them! I said me too!

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