How does your garden grow?

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  • Colleen

    How cute! I have seeds and garden gloves in the package ready to send. We’ve been gardening and loving it. I bet your garden is going to be beautiful. Our garden book said flowers grow better if you talk to them while you water them. I’m going to give it a try this summer.

  • ~SHERI

    Natalie, your blog is always so cute! I am so impressed at all your cute pictures with the borders and the cute words. how do you do it all? You are amazing, woman! I wish I could have been in Florida longer to learn from you! how are you holding up?

  • Julie Arfmann

    I need to start checking your blog daily, I love all of your posts! I loved Kennedy’s hair, soooo cute! Loved the gardening pics, loved the “Faith to Walk on Water” it sounds like the nightly conversations we have at our house! Loved the flip-flops! Loved the Nathan oatmeal face… he is so cute, I want to squeeze him! Loved the Doll party, I’ll have to show the girls! We just love you guys! I’m so glad that you post all of these fun pictures and stories of your family! We don’t feel so far apart! Love you guys! Jules

  • callingallinglets

    ok, so cute. I too am glad you like to blog. Your pictures always make me laugh. I bet your garden is amazing. Do you go to the beach everyday? Thanks also for the time clock for Iraq. It gives us all something to think about. Your daughters hair is so cute, did you give her a perm. I am surprised she sat still enough for the rollers. Love ya, Mama Inglet

  • Wendi

    What a doll!!

  • Tara

    We are so excited that we get to come see your garden and gardeners in person in only 2 days!!

  • Shanna

    Looks like she’s having the time of her life! Hopefully she’s just as excited when it comes time to pull the weeds:)

  • Burke family

    What a cute little gardener! Why don’t you send her to our house to spruce up our flowers too… or just play with us!

  • Janet

    Did you actually plant the garden again? If so, hopefully the lawn crew is a bit smarter this year, right? It’s all about having the right outfit and accessories! 🙂

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