Enjoying the SUN!

I am VERY grateful that we have had such beautiful days to enjoy playing outside. It makes life SOOO much easier when I can just let Kennedy loose outside. We had been having a few problems with the pool. So, while we were fixing the issues, we settled for the sprinklers. However, when we turned on the sprinklers a head had broken and a geyser shot out of the ground. Kennedy quickly found a rubber glove and began to “fix” the problem. As you can see from the picture below, we finally got all the issues worked out with the pool and we have been enjoying every minute. Kennedy has been having fun doing water ballet. I am not surprised since she dances everywhere she goes and includes it in everything she does! She is thrilled to start swim lessons again in June! Now if only I didn’t have 3 leaks in my roof!!!

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  • Burke family

    Looks like tons of fun! And water ballet… what a silly girl. I could go for a nice dip in your pool right about now, but I think I would look more like a whale than a ballerina! Hee hee. Miss you all!

  • Natalie

    You would hardly look like a whale!! Maybe a snake that swallowed a mouse!

  • bc call

    They don’t come much cuter than that one, do they? Love you Kennedy!!!

  • Shanna

    Reminds me of the days when Julie and I would do synchronized swimming. Basically we would make up dances to do together in the water. Must run in the family! Looking good, Kennedy!

  • Colleen

    That does bring back lots of water ballet memories and cheerleading in the pool. Dad and I a trying to plan a time to come and visit. They need us as Nauvoo again for a couple of weeks. We just want to come and play in the pool with the kids!!!

  • Janet

    Those are some long legs she has sprouted! What has happened to our little peanut?? Long legs do make for graceful ballerinas though! 🙂

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