Our little SOUTHERN boy!

I don’t know what it is about our southern sweet potatoes, but our little southern baby just LOVES them!! I have had such the battle trying to get solids started with Nathan. (Kennedy would eat ANYTHING!) Nathan has been totally grossed out by EVERYTHING. That was the case until I discovered sweet potatoes. He LOVES them and can eat an entire potato. I have learned that anything with sweet potatoes is a winner! For example, he hated bananas until I added sweet potatoes…the combinations go on and all, but ALL include sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes make everything tasty!! Well, that is except…..OATMEAL!!!
I have tried everything, but each time it is the same response. Nathan gives me a grossed out full body shiver and starts to cry the minute he tastes them!

I guess I’ll keep trying!

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  • Stephen & Jill Williams

    Oh my gosh, what a hilarious photo! I love the face!

  • Annette and Ted

    That is such a funny face! What a drastic change in emotions!

  • Janet

    What a big boy sitting in his high chair!! Hmmm! Your kids are all a tad bit dramatic šŸ™‚ Where could that possibly come from? Too cute!! Sweet bib, right Uncle Chris!?

  • Burke family

    I love the oatmeal face! But come on, really.. oatmeal is just kinda gross right… pasty, sticky, gooey. I don’t blame him. And yes, where did he possibly get such an awesome bib!?

  • Shanna

    He is too cute! Sweet potatoes, huh? I like sweet potatoes too! I guess we have something in common šŸ™‚ He looks cute even when he’s upset!

  • Tara

    That’s too funny! I love how his expression goes from one extreme to the other- just because of sweet potatoes. Ethan used to love anything orange at that age and then his skin started getting an orangey tint to it!

  • Hatt family

    That’s crazy, because Derek really loves sweet potatoes too; and Jason was saying a few days ago that Derek’s skin was getting an orange hue to it! Does Nathan like the mixed cereal?

  • Colleen

    Nathan just makes me laugh! What a cute face. Hugs & Kisses from
    G&G Call
    PS Check out the blog

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