Happy Mother’s Day

Am I spoiled or what???? Anyone that knows me well, knows I LOVE flip flops. I think part of what makes living in Florida so great is that I can wear them year round…and I do! Daddy and the kids spoiled me lots before he left. I woke up this morning to Kennedy in tears. I asked her what was wrong and she replied, “I am just so sad I couldn’t make breakfast in bed for you like Daddy and I did last year! I don’t know what to do for you now!” What a little sweetie! She made me a beautiful card and picked a bouquet of flowers “weeds” from the lot across the street! It’s been a nice day. I can’t forget the Mother’s Day miracle either….Nathan slept from 7 pm to 7 am! He didn’t wake up, NOT EVEN ONCE!!!!

Happy Mother’s Day
to all the great Mommy’s I know! Thanks for your wonderful examples! Especially thanks to my Mom. You are the BEST- Seriously! I Love you!
Thanks to my Mother-in-law for raising the best husband ever!
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  • Kristen Cook

    Hi, Natalie! It’s great to see your adorable little family! I don’t mind you snooping on my page. I snoop, too. Let’s admit it – we all do! :o)

  • Hatt family

    Happy Mother’s Day to you! You are definitely a role model mother, for me especially! Makayla was telling one of my friends that her Aunt Natalie styles her cousin, Kennedy’s hair so well. She told my friend Kennedy’s hair is always so cute, and that she wished we lived next door to eachother! :)To which I say, amen. We love you all, and miss you!

  • Burke family

    Ooooh, new flip flops… and a full nights rest… you are spoiled! I sure love you and think you are such a great mommy!

  • Angie

    Yeah! I love when they start sleeping 12 hours at night!! Love the flip-flops.

  • Colleen

    Thank you Natalie. We appreciate the talented and loving person Brian is and continues to become. We admire his desire to serve our country to preserve the freedoms so many take for granted. He is always a joy to us. Natalie we are so thankful for your dedication to your family and creating a loving and secure home while their daddy is away. We love your little family so much! You are amazing. He could not do this important work without your willing support. We know the Lord is watching over you.

  • Janet

    Thanks sweetie! The card was here last night when we got home! Loved the art work AND the message! Same to you from me!! Your little ones are so adorable!! You are one lucky mom and I am a lucky grandma!!! Where did you find all the cute flip- flops? Spoiled!!

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