My Uncle Chris hair-do!

Thought you’d appreciate the tribute Chris. Although, your hair seems shorter lately!
Kennedy thinks it’s great to use Daddy’s hair putty to do Nathan’s hair!

I guess Nathan can kiss his chances for being a super model goodbye. Just teasing. Last night he was working on his crawling skills and pushed himself into a step that goes from the family room to the kitchen. He hit his head and cut it right above his eye brow. I suppose this is the first of many to come. We called a good friend who is an ER doctor and he said they would probably just glue it and not do stitches. We took a family trip to Walmart and Nathan’s head is looking better already today. I am sure he will have a nice little bruise for awhile.

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  • Janet

    Wow!! Nice job with the super glue Mom. It’s a good thing that little guy’s mom is a nurse!! He needs one in residence full time to keep him alive and healthy!! You could have some exciting years ahead of you!! Good thing he has his Daddy’s eyebrows to hide it – or wait, are those his mother’s?!! 🙂

  • Colleen

    Brian’s first stitches were at about 8months. The top of his head. His dad stitched him up without a fuss. Brian didn’t seem to mind at all but I was sick for at least 24 hours! Brian’s best scar is on his left eye. That has a long story. To keep it short, obviously Nathan wanted to be like his Daddy. Hopefully he takes after him in more ways than injuries. I’m Glad you handle blood better than Grandma.

  • Burke family

    You know we love the spiky hair! What a stylin little guy! Even with his bad cut. 🙂

  • Tara

    What a tough little guy! Good thing he has a nurse for a Mommy!

  • Hatt family

    Malia says she’s sad about Kennedy’s stitches and Nathan’s cut, Jared says his cousins are cute! I have to agree with them!

  • Burke family

    I love the hair! I’ve actually been growing mine out (like I did at BYU). I told Katie that I’m not cutting it until the baby is born – I think it will be fun all shaggy for the summer and Katie thinks I’ll look like a homeless guy – I guess we’ll see…


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