Our little Nathan is 6 months!

It was a big week (technically a week and a few days) as our little guy hit the 6 months mark! What a joy he is to have in our family. We think he is so adorable. It’s very hard for all of us to control ourselves. We just want to smother him with kisses all day! He loves to smile, talk (coo), chew on everything (especially his toes), and slobber all over! He loves music and will just bounce to the beat. He is just itching to crawl. It practically drives him crazy to not be able to keep up with his sister. He tries to roll all over as fast as she moves, but since Kennedy either runs or skips everywhere it’s too difficult. He gets so frustrated. However, he is very attentive to her every move.
Our little guy has grown out of his infant car seat. Last week we installed the new convertible car seat. As you can see, he doesn’t seem to mind. He seems to like the fact that sister keeps calling him “such a big boy”! He seriously seems to understand! Our car is now VERY full of car seats!

Since Nathan never really took off with the rice cereal after many attempts, I decided to try oatmeal. However, this just made Nathan gag. He seriously was so funny. He even did a grossed out shiver!! I’ve tried it almost everyday since and he just spits it everywhere! I have even mixed the two cereals and added apple juice too! I guess my milk is just too good!

We will keep attempting to start the solids! Nathan’s not sure he likes that plan! I can already tell he is going to be way more messy than Kennedy! As Brian and I are realizing, boys and girls are VERY different- even from the beginning! Our adventures continue and we are loving every minute…I think!

Kennedy also had surgery this week. She is such a brave girl! She did so great and didn’t even cry. She has an incision about an inch long with 6 stitches behind her right ear along the hair line. It seems to be healing nicely and Kennedy has been VERY careful about it! We get to remove the stitches this week! That’s our girl!!

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  • Janet

    Kennedy – we are so proud of you for being such a brave girl!! We love you so much and are getting anxious to come visit you and Nathan. Ahhh … it is so hard to wait.

  • Janet

    Love Baby Nate’s faces!!! So expressive!!! Nanny feels that same way about oatmeal! What a handsome little guy he is. Grandma better lose some weight or there won’t be room for me to squeeze in between those 2 big kid car seats!! How will I read Cinderella for the one millionth time (with sound effects)?

  • Tara

    Kennedy is very brave! And sounds like such a good big sister! Nathan is ADORABLE! We can’t wait to see him in real life- VERY SOON!!

  • callingallinglets

    Ok, check out Amanda’s blog for new pictures of her kids, we must get these kids together. I REALLY love my grandkids but these kids are so adorable too. I usually don’t go on about other kiddies, but these two take the cake. Is Nathan’s hair really red. Oh, that would be fun. How is Bri ever going to leave all of you guys. This might be harder than leaving his Mom when he went on his mission. I remember that day very well. Heartache city, maybe now he will no how hard that is. I am so proud of all of you. Why did Kennedy have surgery? Love ya, Mama Inglet

  • Natalie

    No, Nathan’s hair isn’t red. It is actually a lot the same color as mine- just a little lighter. His hair is also more fine. When he is in certain lighting situations, it really picks up the red highlights. My hair has a ton of red highlights in it also. Both sides of the family have a lot of red! Kennedy’s hair has a similar highlight. Who knows! My brother Jeremey was a total red head and now he’s a blond.

  • Burke family

    Oh man, what cute kids! Good girl Kennedy… that is very brave. And Nathan – what a funny boy. His expressions crack me up. And it makes me so jealous to have everyone getting so excited to see them soon. Cuz I don’t get to. 🙁

  • Camile

    So, Nathan must not be as tiny as Kennedy was. Didn’t she stay in her infant seat FOREVER like Carly?

    Such adorable pictures – your kids are so photogenic!

    What did Kennedy have her surgery for? Isn’t it so sad and sweet to see them trying to be so brave even when they’re scared? What a big girl!

  • Jeff and Lea

    Kennedy is sooooo pretty! what did she have surgery for? That is too bad. Nathan is a cutie! He has already grown out of his carseat? dang! Cute, cute kids.

    So from your other posts it looks like you love Florida. My sister and her family are moving to the Naples area this Aug for law school. Where are you at? She is scared of seeing snakes. Do you have many in your area?

  • Colleen

    What huggable kids. I miss kissing their soft skin. The picutres are wonderful. Brian took forever to eat solids but his first favorite food was cream of wheat. One of his words was “bekfest” (breakfast). I love the new hair- do on Nathan. What a guy. Brian was so amazed at how brave Kennedy was at the surgery. She is amazing.

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