The joys of living in FLORIDA!

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The weather was gorgeous this weekend, so Saturday we decided to hit the beach! We LOVE the beach and will be going as often as we can. Daddy is feeling just a little bummed that he will miss out on the beach and pool season here. I bet he’s not bummed to miss hurricane season though! :o) The water is so perfect and clear right now! The water warms up a lot, but gets less clear because of the storms that come with hurricane season. Regardless the beaches here are GORGEOUS!
After playing in the sun, we went home to clean up a little. Then, we ate dinner at our favorite Indian restaurant. YUMMY! After dinner we rushed up to the airport to meet our friends. One of our friends was coming home from his 6 month deployment. It was so cute to watch his son as he interacted with his Dad. Priceless! We are glad to have him back for a little bit before Brian heads out. We better get busy having barbecues and playing Rock Band!
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  • Janet

    That really does stink that Bri will miss the best pool and beach time – but don’t worry Bri, we will enjoy it double just for you!! 🙂 Seriously, we totally wish you were going to be here to play with us – it just won’t be nearly as much fun without you. But you know us – we will try to do our best!! 🙂

  • Burke family

    I miss those beautiful beaches too, but not the yucky green slimies that arrived just in time for our visit. And I can’t believe how tan you guys are already! SO Jealous!

  • bc call

    Obviously Katie is not referring to my tan. I sort of just blend into the white sandy beach. Sorry about that. What I want to is where Natalie’s running-on-the- beach-in-her-swimsuit pictures are at…

  • Colleen

    Fun in the sun! Hug those sweethearts for me and give that white skin guy some hugs for us too! He got his grandpa Scott’s skin and his coordination! Love you!

  • Natalie

    It’s hard to take those pictures when you are the photographer. Besides, I wouldn’t want to make you feel bad!! Don’t worry sweetie…all your freckles will eventually blend together and then you will be tan like me!! I am not sure what your mom’s trying to say about your coordination…does she think your a klutz!!!??? Just teasing you! I married ya ‘cuz I love EVERYTHING about you- even your white pasty skin! Let’s just hope the kids got more my coloring!!!

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