Our EASTER Celebration!

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We had such a great Easter this year. In fact, it was just a really great weekend together! It’s really nice to have special holidays to help us remain on track and keep focused on the things that matter most! I am so grateful for my Savior and the blessings that can be mine because of the sacrifices he made. How awesome is it to know that we can live again with our Heavenly Father and that our family can be together FOREVER! While we were at some Easter celebrations this past week I met a lady who had just lost a 7 year old son. It broke my heart, but I was amazed with the woman’s attitude. She was really trying to look at the bright side. It got me thinking though, how would you deal with that if you didn’t believe that you would see them again? Because of the resurrection the Savior rose from the dead and so will this little boy! what peace, joy, and comfort comes with that! We had a really great talk and I later came to realize that she lives on the same street as us! Small world! We ended the weekend with a great little walk on a boardwalk where we live. I am so lucky to be blessed with so many beautiful things! I thought this talk was awesome and a wonderful reminder to each of us. I hope that I can be a better example of the believers!

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  • Janet

    Such cute pictures of everyone!! That is one gorgeous family!! I’m not prejudiced am I? It is so fun how enthusiastic Kennedy is about everything in life – well almost everything!! Seriously, bunny biscuit’s are the best!!! The little boy wasn’t the one we saw riding in the little motorized car with his sister was it? That is really sad – but maybe you have made a new friend?!

  • Burke family

    What cuties! The kids look adorable in their Easter outfits and you look really cute in your dress too. I think I’ll take credit for that one! 🙂 Love you all!

  • Colleen

    How precious. The Easter dress is just about as cute as the girl wearing it. Nathan looks a little overwhelmed by it all. Good thing he has a big sister to explain it all to him.I am glad you had some time to enjoy this week end. Lots of great memories. Love you sooo much!

  • Tara

    I love the picture of your family! Sounds like you had a great Easter! Thanks for sharing your testimony, too.

  • Julie Arfmann

    I thought that I had been keeping up with your blog, but I guess not…you have been bloggin’ it up! I loved all of it! You are the prime example of what a mom should be like! I wish we lived closer to hang out more! Hopefully we can plan a trip sometime. That beach is calling my name! I guess Hawaii will have to do, even though I kind of wish I was going to Florida instead! Give hugs to everyone! I love the Rambo/Brian picture! Your family is beautiful! We love you guys!
    love, Jules

  • roberta

    New update. I can’t get my http://www.callingallinglets.blogspot.com to work, so I posted to http://www.callingallinglet.blogspot.com. See if that works for you. Thanks, Roberta JUST SUCh a CUTE FAMILY

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