Gearing up for the deployment!

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Brian has been preparing for his deployment. He’s been working out pretty hard core and getting pumped up to leave. He spent this last week training for chemical warfare and Monday he has weapons training. They better train him to use this bad boy!

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  • Janet

    No offense Bri – but you look like a really ugly girl with that hair! 🙂 Your face just looks too much like a nice guy to be Rambo!!! We love you – but never grow your hair long!!!

  • Tara

    Wow- Brian sure has changed since we lost saw him- it’s been too long! His job sure sounds like something out of a movie!

  • Colleen

    I checked the blog last night just before I went to bed after a rather long couple of days. I was feeling pretty low about not being able to meet you in Alabama. I just have to say that this photo made me LOL! I just loved it. Thanks for lifting my spirits. I put it on my computer screen! My mental picture was more of the 2000 stripling warrior look but this will do till you can find a way to do the stripling warrior motiff!

  • Jeff and Lea

    This is great! So funny. Good luck to you all when he deploys!

  • Shanna

    Wow, Bri! You have been working out hard core! Sounds like you’re learning all kinds of cool things. What a cool job. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you prepare for this adventure! Good luck!

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