Easter egg hunt and off to the beach!

This morning we got up and got all our work done FAST and then we played for the rest of the day. The city had an Easter egg hunt and so we headed to the park for that this morning. Kennedy enjoyed the playground, other kids, and the hunt. She got enough sugar to keep her bouncy off the walls for a LONG TIME!! We walked down to the boardwalk and enjoyed the sun. Kennedy kept complaining that she was too hot in her little sweater. While we were there we made plans to do lunch quick at home and head to the beach for a few hours to cool off. We had a great time and Nathan had his first taste of sand! Do you think that will digest better than rice cereal? We’ll see!

Nathan loved all the excitement in the air. Not to mention all the extra admirers.Look at all that loot! SERIOUSLY!
Kennedy was standing in line next to a girl that was a bit older and she was telling Kennedy that the bunny was just someone dressed up. Kennedy stuck her grounds and was adamant that it was the REAL Easter Bunny! She just about had the other girl swayed back to her side.

Why is it that you tip toe around the first baby? With the second you realize they can sleep through ANYTHING! There was music blaring at the park and kids laughing and screaming… Nathan didn’t care one bit!Just enjoying the water and the boardwalk!

My cute little BEACH BABE and SURFER DUDE!

Kennedy makes a new friend where ever she goes. This girl was quite a bit older than Kennedy, but didn’t seem to mind.

The water was still mighty chilly to me! Can’t wait for the water to warm up a bit, but the weather was perfect (mid to upper 70’s) and the beach was gorgeous.

Nathan didn’t seem to mind me dipping his toes in the water, but I thought the people out jumping in the wave were plain crazy. Brian says we’ve turned into Florida snobs. What used to seem warm a year ago is COLD now!

We can’t go to the beach without digging a humongous hole in the sand! Kennedy insisted on my help. While I was helping Nathan snuck his first tast of sand!

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  • Tara

    What cute beach bums! Sounds like it was a fun day!

  • Burke family

    What a fun day! Can I come play with you too? Don’t worry, Jordan ate a whole ton of sand in Hawaii with us and I think it worked out okay for him. 🙂 He finally learned that maybe it wasn’t that good to eat.

  • Burke family

    Oh yeah, and I pray that Halle’s one of those sleep through anything kind of babies, cuz Jordan certainly is not!

  • Janet

    Wow! That looks so fun … Jealous!!!! I love the “beach babe” and “surfer Dude”. So, so cute!!!

  • Colleen

    Love the photos. I can’t believe what a big kid Nathan is becoming.
    Kennedy, you look very cute by that big bunny! Love you Lots!!!

  • Shanna

    That sounds like so much fun. You do such a good job planning fun family outings. I’m jealous too! Cute pictures. That Nathan is getting so big! I love it!

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