She’s been on a roll!

I’ll admit that my Kennedy is USUALLY such a sweetheart, but on occasion…

The other day, we were out shopping and I bought her a new pair of flip-flops. She LOVED them. However, we came home for lunch and she got upset about something. I can’t even remember now! I think she didn’t want left overs for lunch. Anyways, she threatened to hit me with her new flip flops. I told her that if she did, I would take them back. She got upset and I sent her to her room to think about how we should treat each other. After about 5 minutes she stormed out of her room with an old pair of shoes and just thumped me with them before I even had a chance to say ANYTHING! I got upset at her, and she replied, “Go ahead and take these shoes, I didn’t hit you with my new flip-flops!”

Can you believe the scheming!???
p.s. As I am typing this, she is kissing me a million times on the arm!
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  • Shanna

    What a little stinker! That’s some serious scheming. Thankfully she makes up for it by being so cute!

  • Janet

    Once again this sounds so very familiar!! Grandpa always used to say (about you) – “If she wasn’t so dang cute – we would never be able to put up with her !!!” You were always at your absolute worst when you needed (a) food or (b) sleep or (c) BOTH!!!!

  • Janet

    PS This is why you were the only one of my kids to go to pre-school!! Self-preservation for Mom!! Then Katie had to go because she had to do every thing you did!!!

    I told you 4 was way worse than 2!!

  • Katyanne

    thats hilarious!!!!! I love it. Kaydence does stuff that that all the time!!!!! they are too smart for us

  • Camile

    I am just laughing my head off as I read this!! It actually made me feel so good to read this post and the most recent one – I almost had the impression that Kennedy was always perfectly behaved (she looks like it in all the pictures). That is too cute and funny about the shoes! (Are you going to take the others to a Good Will? ha ha!)

    It is so funny how they can be so upset and angry (over the most simple things) and then just LOVE you the next second!

  • roberta

    Oh wow, she is a little fireball. Are you sure she doesn’t have flaming red hair?
    She does love her flip flop, the girls knows what sh wants and how she wants it. Be careful, she isn’t even close to her teens yet. Go have fun now, because I doubt if you will be able to do much later hahaaha.

  • Tara

    Kennedy and Ethan are way too much alike! (Except that Kennedy is all girl and Ethan is all boy.) It’s funny because your last comment was about how you thought I had more patience with Ethan than you had- as I read this, I was thinking you must have more patience than I do! Somedays require more patience than others.

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